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Algae. Who knew that algae would make for such an awesome supplement during a marathon! I had heard a lot about ENERGYbits via Twitter from lots of people. So I decided to explore and see what these ‘bits’ were all about.
So, you are probably wondering (like I was at the time) what exactly ARE ENERGYbits? Well, bits are made from a 100% organic spirulina algae. What is interesting about bits is that they have the highest concentration of protein in the world and hit you with a consistent hit of energy without caffeine, sugar, or excess chemicals. But you know that’s not it, right? So bits are food…the algae is actually grown. Here are some interesting facts:
  • Bits contain 40 vitamins and minerals, Omega 3, and are 64% protein (that’s more than a steak for you carnivores out there).
  • The are one calorie per tab
  • Bits contain iron and nitric oxide which prevents fatigue, antioxidants which reduce inflammation and electrolytes which preserve chemical balance and prevent dehydration.
Above bullets are sourced from the energyBITS fact sheet.
So, for those of you out there that use gels or blocks as fuel…you may want to give bits a try…you won’t buy another pack of gel again. So, let me share with you about my experience with these during a 26.2 marathon.
So, on Cinco De Mayo I celebrated my one year runnerversary by running the OC Marathon. ENERGYbits was nice enough to send me a sample tin of bits to try so I could get out there and perform at my peak. And boy did it work! Let me explain. First of all, bits have a very…well…odd taste. Not bad, nor good, they like to call it an ‘acquired’ taste. Swallow them. Trust me. As I staged in my corral I open my tin and popped 15 bits. Next thing I knew I was 10 miles in and feeling amazing! Now I was running a marathon, and had no idea I was running sub 10 minute miles that early. I felt AMAZING out there! Being fueled by the bits, I noticed by breathing was more consistent, my muscles weren’t tired in the spots they normally were, I wasn’t hungry, and above all else…I WAS FOCUSED!! I knew they were going to be great for circulation and keeping energy levels up, but when I found out that my focus was DEAD ON and unshakeable…that’s when I knew I had some magic pellets in my pocket! I tend to burn calories very fast when I am running, so that means I get hungry. During my race to replenish, I carried the tin with me and held it in my running shorts in the front pocket (easy way to store and carry with no fuss) I would pop a few tabs at a water stop and continue to move. I didn’t find them distracting at all. I didn’t crave ANY food during my run, the bits took care of all that. Remember, bits are food not a supplement. Full, focused, full of energy, consistent performance…how can this be wrong! Did I mention I finished this race with a 21 minute PR after using bits?? Now let’s talk about recovery! I had some bits left over so the following day I took some bits as a snack while at work. I am honest when I say this…I SWEAR those bits helped in my recovery. I had little to no strain or pain the next day when I woke up! Long review short, I do NOT want to run without these things ever again…I am off gels officially. We have broken up! And we aren’t ever ever ever ever EVER getting back together! I love bits now!
I am HOOKED on bits! You gotta give these things a go! I have joined the ENERGYbits ambassador team, and this is awesome for you! If you head over to www.energybits.com and enter the promo code ‘SeeSharpRun’ at check out, you’ll receive 30% off of your bag of bits! You can use this code over and over again!
Now go out there and see why athletes all over including myself are officially #PoweredByBits
Thanks to Jonathan from energyBITS for the sample!
Check out www.energybits.com for more information!
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