Berlin 2019

Howdy! I hope everyone is having an amazing week. I have some news to share, but first a backstory.

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Picture it. Sicily 1952…

This year, I was accepted to join Team DetermiNATION as a member of the BMW Berlin Marathon team supporting the American Cancer Society. Unfortunately, due to work conflicts I was unable to join my friends in Germany and had to defer. You can imagine how disappointed I was to have to miss out on my fifth World Marathon Major Star, only leaving the ever elusive Tokyo star on my board. Thankfully, the team at ACS has been nothing short of amazing (as always) and granted me a deferral into next years event. Go me!

As you know, I have made it a goal to run all six of the World Marathon Majors supporting a cancer charity. I ran with ACS when I ran the Bank of America Chicago Marathon back in 2013. I had an outstanding experience and couldn’t wait to recommit to join another team. To my surprise, they have a team for Berlin so I said “sign me right up!”.

In keeping with my commitment, this means I need help from my friends, family, and running community. The goal for this fundraiser is $2,500 which we will need to raise by December 21st. I KNOW this is possible. We raised twice this amount is less time, largely in part because all of you that are reading this are incredible people and I can’t do it without you. I am currently in the process of obtaining prizes for all of my awesome sponsors and donors so be sure to watch my social channels for more on that.

If you want to donate, just click here to be taken directly to my donation page. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me. I can’t thank you enough for your thoughts, kindness, generosity, and support. This is a heavy undertaking fundraising this much money over so many years, but just think of the people we are helping! That’s the part that makes me smile. Thanks to the American Cancer Society for having me back for another race of fun! Let’s change some lives!


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