The Top 3 Reasons I Fundraise

I’ll level with you guys, you know because we are all friends here. Fundraising for races can be so stressful. There is a lot of pressure and responsibility that comes along with making the choice to raise funds for a cause you believe in, which enables you to participate in races. I think it is so amazing that so many races offer athletes the ability to give back to causes they are passionate about. Giving back to others is so important. We are blessed in order to be blessings to other people. So I thought I would share my top 3 reasons why I fundraise with all of you. I figured someone was curious so why not share.

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Number 1. It Creates Opportunities


Running for charity creates opportunities for runners to participate in the races of their dreams. Whether they don’t meet the qualification criteria or the race just sells out so quickly, charity running gives a runner a chance to live their dream in such a selfless manner. As a charity runner, they also create opportunities in the community and at large. Fundraising for causes they believe in and donating the money directly to these causes. Selfless acts that make a difference.


Number 2. It Is Humbling


You don’t realize how create you have to be until you have to raise a very large sum of money. You also realize how awesome your friends and family are. I mean, they are opening their wallets to help you achieve a goal that you believe in. That is pretty amazing. No donation is ever to large or too small. Every donation moves you closer to your goal. So your perspective shifts. It is SO humbling to be able to thank people for helping you reach your dream. So really quickly, to anyone who has supported one of my many charity runs (including the campaign underway now) THANK YOU!!!! I really can not thank you enough.


Number 3. It Feels Good to Do Good


I always tell people, running the miles is the easy part. I can’t imagine what someone battling cancer is going through. I can’t imagine what it would be like to just want nothing more than to go out and run but my body is fighting me. For me, running races for charity is really about the people I help with the funds I raise thanks to all of you. It really does feel good to know that what I am doing is really going to help someone who really needs and appreciates it. Helping others is so important. You never know how far a little help can go, or how it will change the course of a life.


Fundraising might be stressful, but it is no where as stressful as battling cancer. So, I’ll continue to fight the good fight and hope you are all along for the ride with me. Who wants to help me fight kidney disease and kidney cancer on my way to Boston?! You can donate here. Remember $25 enters you to win a FitBit Charge HR!  Let’s fight together and help make a positive lasting impression on the world. The world needs more kindness in it, don’t you think?

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