The INKnBURN Tribute Tech Tee

I’ve been working closely with the team over at INKnBURN for a long time. Like 3 years. One thing I can honestly say is that INKnBURN truly cares about their runners and the amazing products they create. If you aren’t familiar with INKnBURN, they are a small company that makes endurance sports apparel that is inspired by art and the world around them. They pride themselves in making all of their pieces (for both men and women) by hand in their factory store here in Southern California. It is a small yet mighty operation and their clothes certainly stand the test of time in terms of quality and the vibrancy of their designs never fades. Certainly check out their website to see what limited edition designs are currently available…and sign up for their newsletter so you don’t miss out on new releases.

For those that may not know why I chose to run for Fred’s Team. My good friend Jennifer’s brother was diagnosed with colon cancer and underwent some pretty intense therapy. Thankfully, he is doing well and recovering. The folks at Sloan Ketterling treated him so well and gave their family hope. I run to support her family! Jen is also running New York on behalf of Fred’s Team and is also an INKnBURN ambassador.

Now, when they got word that I was running the New York City Marathon to support the fight against colon cancer, the owners called me right away. I mean it wasn’t even ten minutes from the time I hit send on the email to go out to my distribution list. It turns out, INKnBURN had a design created for New York…but they weren’t sure about how they were going to utilize it. They had just the idea. INKnBURN offered to sell the tech tee and donate $10 to the fight of colon cancer in support of Jen and I’s fundraising effort. Especially since colon cancer is very close to the hearts of the INKnBURN owners. So every shirt sold, we each get $5 added to our fundraising total. THAT IS INCREDIBLE! This shirt is only available for pre-sale and pre-sale ends on September 13th! So, the more of these beautiful tech shirts we sell, the more money goes towards fighting cancer. It is an amazing cause and an INCREDIBLE SHIRT! It is available in both Men’s and Women’s cuts I got to see it in person yesterday AND got to run in it. INKnBURN has the best fabric they call their Dry I.C.E. fabric. Which means it keeps you dry and cool with NO chafing! Check out how Jen and I look!

It feels as amazing as it looks! Celebrate the spirit of New York City with this beautiful tech shirt! Hurry before pre-sale ends! And thanks for helping us fight colon cancer!

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