5 Reasons Why I Love Skratch

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As a runner, one of the most important things is hydration. Sometimes, water is enough…we need to ensure our electrolytes are primed and ready for that training run or that race. There are tons of different drink mixes and tablets out there and I have some of my staples and go-to items. But, Skratch Labs hydration mix changed my world. This stuff is the real deal! Much like my relationship with EnergyBits, I like to fuel and hydrate with products that are as clean and natural as possible. Skratch not only is a natural product, but it is absolutely delicious! So I want to talk about 5 different reasons why Skratch is now my hydration of choice for training and races!

5. The Cool Swag! The folks over at Skratch are real down to Earth! They understand their customer and want to provide high quality hydration mix, and they want you to look awesome when you’re drinking it. No shock to anyone, but I like to make a statement…and water bottles are an essential part of that! I scored the Polar Bottle and the Liberty Bottle. My Polar Bottle did an amazing job of keeping my Skratch cold for hours! And it looks really awesome! My Liberty bottle is a little more subtle but just as neat. With it’s matte black finish and debossed Skratch logos make it sleek and stylish. It gets bonus points or being made out of 100% recycled metal materials! It also does a great job of keeping the good stuff nice and cold! Yay for swag…it’s important.

4. Variety! Skratch comes in four varieties; daily electrolyte mix, exercise hydration mix, HOT exercise hydration mix, and hyper hydration mix. Now I haven’t tried the hyper hydration mix…it sounds intense. I want to focus on the daily electrolyte mix and the daily hydration mix as those were the items I used the most. I tried the hot mix, and it is VERY tasty and does a great job of keeping you warm when it’s chilly outside. The electrolyte mix is what you’ll use when you are in the midst of battle. And the daily hydration is a new addition to their line up. I found myself addicted to this stuff as a daily beverage! Let me explain why…

3. Daily Electrolyte Hydration is AMAZING! Hydration can be boring, but your water doesn’t have to be (hey that’s a good line!) Water by itself is pretty bland, but adding Daily Electrolyte Mix by Skratch takes it to the next level. Now this isn’t their sport drink mix at all. This is meant to drink throughout the day to remain hydrated when you don’t want water, and you want to stay away from other naughty beverages such as soda. It comes in two flavors; lemons and limes and raspberries. I love them both! They are crisp, light, refreshing, and overall just delicious. It isn’t overwhelming or gritty. You can’t go wrong! I highly recommend this for your everyday hydration needs!

2. Exercise Hydration Mix Keeps You Moving! Listen, I love a good hydration mix that isn’t overpowering with flavor. When I am racing, I like the taste of water, but always want just a hint of flavor to awaken my pallet keep my mind stimulated. Exercise Hydration Mix meets the challenge head on! The mix comes in lemons and limes, raspberries, pineapples, HOT apples and cinnamon flavors. I tried raspberries and lemons and limes and I was very happy with the results. With this stuff, I had absolutely no stomach issues or cramping what so ever! The mix is made to help maximize your performance, and I definitely felt the results. Partnered with EnergyBits this is a marriage that is meant to last Talk about amazing performance! Real Food + Real Hydration = Real Performance!

1. All Natural! Skratch is all natural stuff. They only include ingredients we normal folks can pronounce and understand what they are for. It’s naturally sweetened with cane sugar and they use real fruit juices in their powder to create the out of this world light flavor profile! No cramps, amazing taste, great style,and very affordable! For a one pound bag of Skratch, you are looking at about $19.50, which for what you are getting in my humble opinion is absolutely spot on!

I’m in love with this stuff, I drink it all day long! I am due to place another order myself 🙂 Give it a shot and tell them I sent you! Skratch Labs is awesome! Thank guys!

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