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Many of you know or have seen that I generally do not run in a marathon or train in any other gear except for INKnBURN! It has actually become a fun game for a lot of you know try to guess what gear I will wear to my next race! I love that 🙂 So, you probably want to know why and how I became such an INKnBURN enabler and fan! Let me tell ya!
For people that may not know me, I am quite the fashionista. I mean, just because you are running 13.1 or 26.2 miles is NO excuse not to look fabulous in the process! I believe that when you look good, you feel good, which means you perform better. Although, looking good is only part of the equation. The clothes have got to work for your body. They have to draw moisture away and not get heavy or feel gross. They have to be able to stand up to multiple visits to the washing machine. And they have got to breathe! That is where INB comes in!
INKnBURN gear is made and produced right in my back yard here in Southern California (proudly made in the USA). It is a relatively small company, but the energy and passion they have for art and fashion is something I can almost bet you will not find anywhere else. They make endurance gear for both men and women with various designs, colors, and textures. I personally own just about the entire men’s catalog. I want to highlight some of my favorite things about INKnBURN apparel. I often wonder if INB gear is just gifts bestowed upon runners from Mt. Olympus!

The Tech Tee

The technical tees are by far my favorite of any brand out there on the market. The colors are vibrant and breathtaking at first glance. One thing I like is that you can look at some of the shirts and have no idea it’s an endurance technical shirt. Example, yesterday I went on a six mile run in Huntington Beach wearing the newly designed mens Camber tech tee, changed shorts and went to Disneyland to meet a friend for lunch. Not only did I receive a lot of compliments on the tee, but it continued to look great and translates from the train to the streets with ease! It’s really two shirts for the price of one if you think about it.

The Performance Shorts

Prior to starting my long-lasting love affair with INKnBURN I used to run in shorts with sewn in compression short liners. Still love those shorts nothing wrong with them. But I like to match and coordinate my outfits when I get ready to race so I invested in the INKnBURN denim shorts. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered them. When I got them, I instantly fell in love. The print on the shorts is so dynamic and high definition you would SWEAR these shorts were denim! Even up close it’s hard to tell. Of course, they are made of the technical material all of their shorts are made of, but it is a really fun illusion. Again, another piece of INB gear that can translate from the streets to the trail in seconds flat. I actually used some Under Armour compression shorts with the denim and LIVED for the performance I felt. They move great, they are comfortable, and I love the mini pockets in front of the shorts. They are great for holding an iPod, energy gels, keys, energy blocks, etc. (all things I have stored in these pockets with no problem). I love my performance shorts. I know own the Hollywood dragon, Run or Die, and Zen shorts to round out the collection! A guy has got to have options right?

The Handheld

When INB introduced the water bottle handheld I wasn’t quite sure what to think about it. Was this going to be just about water coolly jacket for my bottle? Was it going to be more of an annoyance than a help? This handheld is EVERYTHING! It has an adjustable strap for your hand, a hole for the thumb, keeps your water cold, and has that same vibrant color and comfort as their other gear! I own two. The Run or Die skull and the Wave. I HIGHLY recommend this handheld for your water bottle! It is literally perfect. A must have to round out your gear collection.

I literally could go on and on about INB all day long! But as for now, I will not wear any other athletic gear on a race day! I love their gear that much! Looks great, feels great, works great, just great! Their staff are some of the most awesome and sincere people I’ve met! Big shout outs to Holly and Megan!
So, what are you waiting for? GO GET YOUR GEAR! But before you go! The people at INKnBURN want me to share the love with YOU!
Go in INKnBURN and start shopping! But a new shirt, a camisole, a handheld, and headband, anything you want! Create an account on and use promotional code ‘LinzToldMe’ and receive 15% off your order! This is a one time use code so make sure you get something good! And when you do buy it, I wanna hear ALL about it! Also, keep a close eye on my Facebook and Twitter, I am ALWAYS giving away e-gift cards to my followers to INKnBURN!
What are you waiting for? Don’t get lost in the crowd! Distance Yourself, with INKnBURN!

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