Lumo Run Review

Disclaimer: I was given a Lumo Run unit to review and test. No other compensation was provided. As always all opinions and views are authentic and my own.

I love technology and gadgets. I always have. I guess that is why I manage technology related projects during my day job. If you remember a few months back, I have been consistently talking about training. I wanted to focus on improving my form, getting my cadence under control, and overall just being a better runner so I can perform better. Not everyone (me included) can afford personalized coaching for long periods of time. So how do you get better? Well thankfully there is a piece of technology that I was exposed to…and I really dig it. Let me introduce you to the Lumo Run.



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What is Lumo Run?

I am glad you asked. Lumo Run is a sensor that clips to the back of your running shorts and wirelessly sends data to your smart phone. It is charged via USB so no batteries which is a huge plus in my book. There is also an app you’ll need to download to your smartphone. The app is really easy to navigate and is very familiar to other apps I have used in the past. You CAN run without your phone, but if you want your location data and pace data…you’ll need your phone. The Lumo Run sensor does a lot but it doesn’t have a GPS in it. I run with my phone anyway so that isn’t a deal breaker for me.




The Lumo Run is collecting a ton of data about how you run. It learns your patterns and behaviors and makes recommendations to correct perceived issues. It is reading your cadence, how you brake, your bounce, and my personal favorites your pelvic rotations and pelvic drops. I have been having major challenges with hip pain due to form so I was really excited to get some help from Lumo Run to correct this. Lots of power in this little sensor.


How does it coach you?

The app is really the keystone of the training. As the sensor gathers data about how you run, the app is generating specialized runs and exercises to help improve your problem areas and help you reach your goals. The in-run coaching provides real time feedback about your run as you are going. This helps you stay on track and on task as it relates to the current exercise you are completing. Basically, no two Lumo Run experiences are the same…it is all about YOU!


The app and sensor recommend things for you to focus on. For example, I need to look at my cadence so my strides and landings are more consistent. The data provided gives you some clear insights about where you are and areas that need improvement.


I am a big fan of the recommended exercises. In order to improve, we all know you have to focus on different muscle groups. The app makes recommendations based on your goals and data it has captured about your run. It not only tells you what the exercise is, it tells you why you should do it. There are even videos to help you so you can do them safely.



I’m a fan of the Lumo Run. One downside is you have to remember to bring it WITH you on your run. So, I leave mine next to my watch so everything is in one place.

If you want to grab one for yourself you can get one here! AND you can use discount code SharpEndurance10 and save 10%. If it is out of stock, don’t worry they replenish the supply often.

Get out there and improve your run with Lumo Run!

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