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Alright friends, we have reached the time of the year where we all sit back and recap what happened in the past year. Some of us even talk about what we look forward to in the coming year. I think I am just going to talk about my thoughts and feelings and go from there…how does that sound?

This year has been a roller coaster. Some amazing PRs, some races that didn’t go quite as planned, some depression, but lots of friendship. As I went to the bling annex today to retrieve my 2016 medals to lay them out for their end of year photoshoot, I found my self pausing. I held each medal and as I laid them down all of the emotions and memories of that race came rushing back with vivid clarity. I instantly remembered the people I ran with, the people I encountered, the conversations, the hugs. Even during the roughest patches one thing has stayed consistent. And that is the community and the friends I have made. THAT is what has made this year so special. The people that support you, lift you up, text you out of the blue to say hello. Those are the memories and things that matter. Race results will live on but the memories and how you feel about one another to me is what is so valuable. So to all of you who have had a role to play I thank you.

Heres the breakdown of races:

26.2: 2

13.1: 15

15K: 1

10K: 2

5K: 2

1 Ragnar Relay

I want to take a moment and thank my sponsors and brand partners. Garmin, Orange Mud, Pro Compression, Rock N Roll Marathon Series, Conqur Endurance Group, Abbott World Marathon Majors. Each of you have been so instrumental and amazing to work with. Many of us are going on several years with our partnerships I look forward to continuing the great work in the coming years. You truly are appreciated and I thank you.

2016 has had its challenges. With self care and focus I will find myself back on track. I have some goals in mind and I look forward to focusing on those. This year wasn’t a bad year by any stretch…challenging yes but bad no. I am grateful and excited to get back to business. Back to my happy and back to inspiring you. Here’s to another great year and starting it off in Walt Disney World with the Dopey Challenge! (what was I thinking)


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