Beats1 Run

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received no compensation for this post…this is as real as it gets.

I could not WAIT to recap what I experienced yesterday. The morning kicked off with Rock N Roll LA, which I will recap later. I had to FLY through that half marathon because I had another event I was so excited to be part of to get to…and it just happened to be across town. Luckily the LA traffic gods gave me so much favor both going to the event and coming home! This was unheard of. But this recap isn’t about how awesome LA traffic was yesterday. It’s about bringing over 100 countries around globe together to celebrate life and music. Beats by Dre created a signature event which brought the world together. If you know me, you know that I have been using Beats by Dre headphones, Pills, and other accessories for years. It’s a lifestyle. It’s an attitude. I mean, this week while I am in NYC I am going to the Beats flagship store JUST to say I went! So when I discovered that Beats by Dre had created an event called the Beats1 Run…my head almost exploded. This run combined three things I love dearly…the Beats by Dre line of headphones, Beats 1 Radio which streams 24/7 on Apple Music which I have listened to daily since it launched, and RUNNING! How was I NOT going to attend this event. Let me break it down.

The Beats1 Run is a community based run which anchored in 4 major cities around the world. We ran as large groups here in LA (Venice Beach), New York City (Prospect Park in Brooklyn), Paris, and London. Beats1 broadcasts from LA, NYC, and LDN on a daily basis, so I was excited to see that Paris got to join the fun. These events were capped at 500 people. Small yet mighty community. If you don’t happen to live in one of the anchor cities or was unable to register for the event, a Beats1Run My City virtual option was available. At 11:00 AM PST Ebro Darden who is the NYC Beats1 anchor took to the Beats1 airwaves and introduced the world to the Beats1 Run, with a kick ass mix by Samantha Ronson. We were all running, connected, and in the moment at the same time in over 100 counties! Incredible doesn’t even explain it.

Once you check in, you’re given your wristband and directed to the tents to pick up your amazing tech tee (which is now one of my favorites of all time), and…wait for it…your brand new pair of Beats by Dre PowerBeats2 Wireless headphones! Not only do I get to run but I get the best swag! What’s to hate!? There was even gear check available in case you needed to have anything held. And there was a pre fuel station so you could get some fluids. We were in Venice Beach yesterday and it was a little humid so I appreciated this a lot. There was also plenty of signage to ensure everyone knew where to go, where the selfie stations were, and very clear directions on how to pair your PowerBeats to your iPhone…oh yeah and Android. I have to say, the Beats staff and volunteers were some of the nicest people. Everyone had a smile on their face.

The energy in the start corral was off the backboard! People were dancing, high-fiving, and making new friends. Again, this is a global event so we are all doing this same thing at the same time no matter where we are in the world.

When Ebro went live and gave us some warm up tunes, I knew this was going to be an experience. I had been looking forward to this for DAYS! When we took off through the Venice Beach shop way and beach path the spectators and visitors were all smiling and supporting us. Venice Beach is a very eclectic town known for art, culture, and change. And here come 500 runners, walkers, hover boarders, and happy people storming 3.1 miles of Venice Beach all in the name of the community of music and discovery. Since we were all in our Beats1 Run shirts…the visuals are CRAZY! It looks uniformed and amazing. All you can do is smile!

Now remember I told you they gave us those nifty headphones, well we were all (again across 100 countries) listening to a mix specially curated by Samantha Ronson…she also retweeted me which was cool. She put a special playlist on Apple Music if you want to go on a training run!

After we crossed the finish line we were handed a medal and got a lot of applause. The medal was a total surprise I didn’t expect that at all. And I loved it. I got an all fruit popsicle then heard the two best words any runner can hear after a race and it isn’t beer garden…CHAMPAGNE GARDEN! Beats built a champagne garden where they served Moët, bagels, and fruit. I wasn’t ready! But I sure did enjoy myself!

Music is a huge part of my life. It always has been. So to be part of such an amazing event that brings my love of running and music together in one amazing event…it just made me so happy. So THANK YOU BEATS BY DRE for such a fantastic time. This was the first of what I hope to be many Beats1 Runs. So proud to be part of the group that brought LA to the world through the love of music and running.