Firecracker 10K Recap

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I was really excited I took the leap to run this race finally. I had heard so many good things about it. One of the great things about living in LA is I am exposed to such a variety of cultures and experiences. This is why I chose to hop on the Metro Gold Line, exit Chinatown and participate in my first (and hopefully not last) Firecracker 10K.

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Some quick notes about the race in case you may be interested in joining the festivities. The event has a bike ride race option with both 20 and 30 mile options that take place on Saturday. And the 5 and 10K races take place on Sunday. There are also kids races. In the historic Chinatown District in Los Angeles is where the race festival happens. There are vendors, a beer garden, and entertainment. Think of it as fun for the whole family.


Arriving in Chinatown


I arrived in LA, picked up my bib (can I just say how much I LOVE same day race pick up), hopped back on the train and went one more stop to Union Station. I needed some Starbucks. It was also a little chilly outside so I was interested in some free heat.


I headed back to Chinatown and wanted to get a good spot to watch the opening festivities. The race sets off 100,000 firecrackers before the start of the race. Yes it is VERY loud. Yes it is VERY cool. There are lion dancers as we’ll to welcome in the new year with luck.


I have to tell you, this was really fun to watch. I live streamed in on Instagram so if you caught it you saw how fun it was. I had a great view. Maybe too close because those puppies were FLYING lol.



After the festivities it was time for the race. The 5K starts and shortly after the 10K begins. This course is CHALLENGING. If you are familiar with Los Angeles, you know that the city is essentially built on a hill. We ran out of Chinatown and up toward Elysian Park. There was lots and lots of climbing.

Hills for breakfast, no big deal


To say I enjoyed the hills would be an understatement. I had THE BEST time.

Climb! Climb I Say!


The morning was beautiful. The skies were clear and you can see forever in some spots. Like I tell people, a hard climb usually offers a very generous reward at the top. Plus, the silver lining is you usually get you run down the hill. And that is always my favorite thing.

The view from ABOVE Dodgers Stadium

I felt pretty good on this race. I spent most of the time smiling and enjoying the parks we were running through. Again, this course is pretty challenging but for a 10K it was pretty amazing. The race was organized amazingly. The on course support and volunteers were on point. Everything about this race made me smile. No wonder next  year they will celebrate 40 years!



I finished the 10K in 1:06 and felt pretty good about that considering the hills were monstrous.


Now the only question is when can I sign up for the next 11 years of this race…I mean who doesn’t want to have an empty Chinese Zodiac calendar, right? Since I fall under the Year of the Ox I know that is going to be on special race. I loved this race. A LOT. Can’t wait to do it again, and if you can get here I suggest you do it as well.


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