Inaugural Beach & Bay Half Marathon Recap

The Inaugural Beach & Bay Half Marathon was BEAUTIFUL! Read the recap! Click To Tweet

This past Sunday was the inaugural Beach & Bay Half Marathon which took place in San Diego, Mission Bay specifically. Mission Bay is one of my favorite places in Southern California. It is home to Sea World, and walking distance to the magnificent beaches. There are also lovely parks you can enjoy. So when I saw the location and the medal for this race I knew I had to run. Thanks to Jenn for her discount code! PS, there is also a 5K option for this race.

For me it is about a 2 hour drive to San Diego. It never bothers me. I enjoy the time in the car early in the morning watching the sun rise. I arrived in Mission Bay and made my way to the runners village.

Good Morning Mission Bay

Everyone knows how much I LOVE when races offer same day race pick up, especially when it doesn’t have an extra charge. This race offered easy race day pick up and convenient gear check. There were even food trucks at the start of the race where you could get some coffee.

Love the theme of the bib and race day pick up

One thing that drew me to the race was the theme! It was themed around a retro 1980s ‘Sunet’ themed California license plate. I truly love this plate design and are kinda bummed it is retired. Maybe it will come back? I hope? Also, this view isn’t a bad way to start your race morning. San Diego is ALWAYS beautiful!

Reasons I Love California

Anywho, it was time for the race to start so I shed my layers and headed to the start line. The race started at 6:30am, which was great because that weekend was unusually warm weather wise. The race approached the start with a wave start. Always a fan.

Wonderful Morning


The Race


The race is a very fast and fun course full of incredible views. The race stays true to its name and takes you from Mission Bay to the beach and back to the bay! Early in the morning there is nothing like the smell of fresh ocean spray and fresh air.

The route


Today was about enjoying the day. Really, most of my races have been about enjoying the moment. It was amazing just to be outside, watching the sun rise and the colors change around me. So I just enjoyed my run. This is a pretty typical training loop for San Diego locals so it felt familiar to many, myself included. I was just enjoying all of the spectacular scenery around me! Trust me the views did not disappoint. Those of you that live down there are so lucky.


The course support was amazing. The volunteers were¬†amazing. And the medal…well was absolutely incredible! Probably one of my favorites.


If you are looking for a good race, with great views, this is your race. I was very happy I registered and ran and will do so going forward. Great job for a first race guys! See you next year!

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