Rock n Roll San Diego Marathon Recap

And now the moment of truth, the Rock n Roll San Diego Marathon recap. For those that were in San Diego with me this past weekend, you know the struggle. For those that weren’t let me go ahead and fill you in. I got to San Diego on Friday (man I can’t believe it’s been a week) and was very nervous and anxious about running the marathon on Sunday. I don’t know what the problem was. I was just very anxious..and almost a little scared. I ran the 5K with Dani the day before and things seemed to be ok. I think I was just in my head most of the weekend. I made the game day decision on Sunday morning after consulting and talking to several running pals over the weekend. My body felt good. My mind was in the proper mind frame, so I decided on the marathon.

Pavey and I boarded the coach buses which took us to the start line. We met some awesome people on the bus ride. All this time I am starting to freak out silently. When we arrived at the start line, of course #WeRunSocial took over and took ALL the photos. Dani, Sarah, Rob, and I decided to run the marathon together. We had so much fun at the 5K why not keep the party going. This means we would all earn our Remix medals! Who can say no to more medals. Sarah was really shooting for a PR. So we encouraged her and Dani helped pace her to success.

Before I knew it, we were out there storming the streets of San Diego. The weather was PERFECT. High 60s with a lovely cloud cover. This is a pretty challenging course, but it’s so much easier when you have friends.

What I love about Sarah is her sense of humor and her serious pacing. She was NAILING these splits 9:45s repeated. The consistency of those splits really helped my body stay strong in the second half of the race. This race really pushed me. I hung on as much I could. I would fall back from the pack and catch up when I could. I didn’t want to hold anyone back from hitting their goal. We still had a blast and it was ALL love.

Probably one of my favorite parts of the course was running around Mission Bay. I mean, San Diego is a BEAUTIFUL city and there are so many things to see like Little Italy, The Gaslamp District, The U.S.S. Midway, the list goes on and on and on. Oh, and that one time Me and Dani selfied here…

Running around Mission Bay was so lovely. The cool breeze coming off the water was very welcomed and refreshing. We were approaching the 13.1 mark of the marathon and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to finish at this pace. My legs felt amazing. They certainly are getting stronger. The issue was mental fatigue. I was tired. I’ve had a lot going on and my body was just toast. So around mile 14 I lost the pack. I am not going to lie…this really hurt. I was doing really well. And to see Dani’s fancy socks and Sparkle skirt drift off into the distance was a bit much. So I walked the mile. I got my mind back in the game and ran when I could. I tried to keep at least a 10 minute pace. I had another 12 miles to go and the second half is tougher than the front 13. I came across this sign…

I saw this sign at mile 16 and literally got my life. It was the motivation I needed. Instead of thinking “If I would of done the damn half like I wanted to this wouldn’t be happening.” I got my head back in the game and adjusted my attitude. The sentence changed to “Play to win! You’re in the game, Finish IT!” And that is exactly what I did. I dug deep cranked up the music and RAN! I think I cried a little bit, but they were tears of determination, not sadness. My legs didn’t cramp at all, nutrition was on point, I got that second wind. I arrived at the mile 30 marker at 3:37. Dani and Sarah were only about a mile ahead of me. Thennnn I saw this…

I came around the corner to see this mile long monster hill and yelled out loud…


I heard people laugh. So I tightened my shoes, adjusted my visor…and ran the hill. I refused to be broken by a hill. And let’s be real…if I can climb crazy trails and not get defeated by the Newton hills…this highway wasn’t going to win. No way. So I climbed the hill. Actually if I am being honest, it wasn’t that bad. People were looking at me like I was crazy…that’s fine.

Around mile 23 I got really excited…mainly because I was almost finished, but I could see a sub 5 finish in my sights. Not a PR but it’s been a long time since I’ve run a marathon in under 5 hours. I was going to nail by B goal. As we entered a neighborhood, there was a spectator dancing in the streets like Delores Van Cartier from Sister Act waving dollars at runners…she put it in my hand and smiled and said “Keep Going” THAT was everything. So, thank you “Delores”!

At mile 25, the #WeRunSocial crew was there to cheer on the runners. The half marathoners ran back to join in the cheering station. I saw them and BOMBED down the hill and high 5’d. I also said “I’m not stopping! I’m not stopping!” Then I got to the base of hill at the stop light and was halted. My knee was tired. So now I feel bad haha, and WRS is still throwing shade. Love y’all LOL!

With one mile to go I stretched out my leg and flexed my knee and kept it moving. I ran to that finish and came across the finish line with a determined look on my face. I was so happy. Sarah got her PR (I found Dani and squad in the finish chute) they came in 10 minutes before me. That was encouraging. We grabbed our finisher jackets, our remix medals, I grabbed some food, and rested and enjoyed. I LOVE this race. I had so much fun. Friends made this race so much better. Although I had my challenges and doubts, I did it. And had an amazing finish time. Thank you to everyone for the great weekend, the great race,and the support. I had a blast and made some new friends!! So the only question I have now is, when can we do it again?

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