Rock n Roll San Jose 5K Recap

This past weekend kicked off the Rock N Roll Marathon Series tour stop in San Jose

So after some last minute planning, I made my way to San Jose and got myself prepared for the greatness. Admittedly, I didn’t feel mentally present this weekend. I had a lot on my mind and just wanted to run and go. Luckily, my best friend Jeffrey lives in San Jose and graciously hosted me and helped me process my thoughts. He dropped me off at the start line and headed to spectate and grab coffee for us. I hopped into the corral on Saturday morning ready for the 5K. My homegirl Andrea @RenewedMe hung out with me before the start. We chatted, I vented a little bit, we talked about our next races, and just exchanged some good vibes. Dre is good people for sure.

Before I knew it we were storming the streets of downtown San Jose. I didn’t really have any expectations for this race. I knew that I had 13.1 on deck the following morning so I didn’t want to get to crazy. Although, I did say to myself “the faster you run, the faster you can get up to San Francisco and drink and eat.” So I tried to blow through the race quick. Plus I needed my coffee from Philz.

Mile 1 – 7:20 (oops)

Mile 2 – 9:54

Mile 3 – 9:34

I’m really going to stop saying “I’m not gonna go out to fast” because IT NEVER HAPPENS! Daniunderstands this. LOL Oops. That first mile hurt, but was cool to see the split on my watch haha. The following miles I slowed down and took it easy. Like I mentioned, this race is flat and fast…and very easy. I really recommend both the 5K and half marathon for a first go. I enjoyed the sights. I ran strong. No real issues at this race, but I did enjoy myself. I came across the finish and there was Jeffrey holding cups of Philz Coffee. My friend just gets me. We sat so I could catch my breath and away we went to enjoy the day.

. I’ve done this race before and LOVED IT. San Jose is a flat and fast city…so if you want a PR this is the race to do it on. This year, the 5K distance was added, which could only mean one thing…REMIX CHALLENGE BLING. And another tour stop toward my Cali Combo medal.

What a great way to start my Remix Challenge weekend. I was really happy with that. And what an amazing time! 27:59! Gotta love the getting faster part. Did you rock the 5K?

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