Rock ‘N’ Roll San Jose Half Marathon Recap

Ok, so let’s talk about the Rock ‘N’ Roll San Jose Half Marathon. After I spent the better part of Saturday afternoon/evening running around San Francisco having all the fun I knew I had a fun little 13 mile run I had to get to. Thankfully, my friend Jeffrey lives literally 10 minutes from the start line…so I actually got to sleep in for a race and I didn’t feel rushed at all. THIS IS WAS SWEET! I woke up that morning feeling alright. I was ready to get out there and just make it happen. If you recall in my 5K recap, I really wasn’t mentally present that weekend. This kind of carried over into the half marathon and that’s ok.

I walked to the start line, headphones in just kind of in a focused dazed. My mission was clear that morning. Get in, get the job done, and get out. Normally I am WAAAAY more social that this but I just wasn’t there. I hopped into my corral and away we went.

Off we went down the streets of San Jose. Before I even got the mile 2 marker I ran into my #WeRunSocial family @FitFam6. We ran, we laughed, we caught up, and just enjoyed a couple miles. I have to admit…that was awesome. I just kept pushing along through the race. This is my second time doing this race, so I was familiar with the course. What’s neat about San Jose is that is course is flat and fast. Arguably, probably the fastest course the Rock n Roll series has. So if you want a PR…this is the course to do it on.

Around the mile 9 mark…I just felt tired. The heat had gotten to me and I just wanted to go home. I mean I was on pace for a great race…I had a 58 minute 10K. But I just lost it. Thankfully, I ran into a fellow INKnBURN ambassador and we chatted and ran the rest of the race together. That was awesome. I eventually crossed the finish line at 2:16. Which is a course best for me! Not all PRs are created equal. Like we say on #TeamASICS, sometimes you just need to #BetterYourBest. I wasn’t upset or hurt…I was fine. I went out there and performed better than I had in the past. That’s all anyone can really ask for, right? I completed my second Remix Challenge and have one more race left until I earn my Cali Combo Heavy Medal…and that’s Rock N Roll LA! I’m sure I’ll be dressed up in something creative…Halloween type things and all. My point to this recap I guess is to say…it’s ok to have an off day. It’s ok to just not “feel it”. I’m human. It’s nothing about the race, or the people…because both were amazing. This was all me. I still went out there and performed and enjoyed I just didn’t feel like I was firing on all cylinders haha. So I brush myself off, grab a snack, and keep on going :). Life is really awesome! Who will I see in LA?

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