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Saturday was a crazy day for sure! Although I was not participating in runDisney Star Wars Half Marathon weekend (I went to run Carlsbad on Sunday), I couldn’t pass up the chance to hang out with all of my peeps from out of state. Dani, my good friend from Weight off my Shoulders asked if I wanted to host a meet up with her over this weekend. Naturally, how can I say no to my Dani!?

Like I mentioned, Saturday was crazy busy. I helped out at the PRO Compression booth at the expo in the morning, then dashed over the the INKnBURN friends and family warehouse sale (talk about bargains), then zoomed back to Trader Sam’s to participate in the meet-up. Well…I was late. Late to my own party, how dreadful. But I certainly was happy to see so many people were there. Many familiar faces, friends, and followers. I tried my best to get around to say hello to everyone and thank them for coming out. What I love most about tweet ups is they bring people together. You mingle, you chat, you laugh, you tweet. How can that be bad?

Your Hosts!

Your Hosts

One of the things we love to do is give away prizes. Dani & I wanted to make sure we had TONS of stuff to giveaway. So thanks to our sponsors ShowerPill, SparklySoul Headbands, Zensah, Orange Mud, and Pro Compression for being generous enough to hook us up with so much stuff. I love prizes so much.

Connie & Sarah scored some ShowerPills

Connie & Sarah scored some ShowerPill

The PRO Compression winners

The PRO Compression winners

And of course as I mentioned earlier so many great friends and familiar faces…


Emelia & Jindy

It's Carlee!

It’s Carlee!




All in all, we had a blast! I think I can speak for Dani when we say THANK YOU for coming out and hanging out with us. We both love to meet people in person and hang out with you. Trust this won’t be the last tweet up we do together. In fact, out of the three tweet ups I’ve done, two have been with Dani haha! We hope you all had a blast and made some new friends, and walked away with some fun prizes.

QOTD: Did you come to the meet up? What was your favorite part?

The Gang Is All Here

The Gang Is All Here



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