Runner’s World Festival Recap Part 2

Day three at Runner’s World Festival came up so fast. I mean the day before was a whirlwind…so who knew what else could happen of the remainder of the trip. We all rolled out of bed, grabbed some Dunkin, and headed to the Steel Stacks so we could run back to back races. It was Saturday so this is the day of the 5K and 10K distances, or as Runner’s World calls it The Five & Dime.

The 5K

The late-night karaoke crew made our way to the steel stacks Saturday morning to get our five and dime on. We weren’t too tired yet, but we did all agree we weren’t going to rush out and race. We have a half marathon the next day afterward. The first order of business was to stay warm…ok maybe this was my priority. We went to the visitors center and just stood inside. I mean, why be out in the cold if you don’t have to. I realize I am a big baby being from southern California…but at least I owned it.

The 5K was a great shakeout run honestly. Over some bridges, through a neighborhood, with some very nice views of autumn in the distance. I’ve never seen trees start to change colors so drastically so this was really amazing. Of course, the course support was stellar and the people of Bethlehem all came out to support us running on their streets. It was a really fun distance and great to run with the crew. We finished Sub 30…yes I will get to the details about Sub 30 a little later.


Between the 5K and 10K we had about an hour to rest our paws before beginning the next race. We went inside and hung out at the Altra booth, talked to our new pals, hydrated, and caught our breath. We made our way back out to the start line. With the travel and long day and night before hand I was already pretty tired, so I lost the crew around mile 2. That was ok. I jogged and enjoyed the sights. I walked. I ran. I just enjoyed. It was all about discovery on this race. Not every race needs a PR or lighting fast. So I just appreciated the tour through this new place. And look, I got a nice shiny medal for it.

The afternoon was filled with delicious calzones and beer! After that it was NAP TIME! I was beat and we finally had some down time. So some of us went back to the hotel and just relaxed. Relaxing turned into naps. Naps are wonderful. I woke up refreshed and walked down to the Sands casino for some fun…and lost my money…which I won back later in the day thanks to No Meat Athlete Matt teaching me how to win at Craps! We also attended the Runner’s World pasta party. The food they provided was from the Meals on the Run cookbook! I think I am going to give one of those away so stay tuned. We sat at a table with some great runners who are part of the Sub 30 club, which is a club all about empowering runners of all skill levels to run a 5K in under 30 minutes. There are more than 3,500 members in this club. Really sweet people.

After the pasta party, there was also some more fun and cocktails. After we partied all night like college kids…it was time to head back and prepare for the half marathon the next day. It was suppose to be 35 degrees at the start so you can imagine how I wasn’t to excited about that. I’ll have more on the half marathon tomorrow right here on the blog!

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