Runner’s World Festival Recap Part 3

It’s Sunday morning. It’s approximately 35 degrees outside. I wake up and make the honest game day decision that I am going to complete the Hat Trick and run the Runner’s World Half Marathon. I wasn’t sure. I was tired from a weekend of learning, networking, and winning at Craps. I realize looking back now, I was probably just being very dramatic. I mean 35 isn’t 10. And I will be in New York City next week, so I used this as an opportunity to experience Northeast weather.

David and I walked to the start line and chatted and laughed the entire way. We left our hotel at 7:30…the race started at 8. There was no way either of us were all that interested in just hanging out in the cold for no reason. The race started and off we went for a 13.1 mile tour of Bethlehem. I’m not going to talk about the race itself to much. I am going to talk about how I felt. Long story short…this course is VERY hilly. Beautiful. Scenic. Lovely. I recommend it certainly. But it is HILLY! At points I wasn’t sure if I was climbing a mountain or running a road race. But that could also be the fatigue talking. Let me tell you what happened to me.

I wanted to stop running.

I’ve heard of people saying that this happens to them and I wasn’t sure if or when this would actually happen…but it did. I got to mile 7 and said out loud “I don’t know if I want to do this anymore.” The “this” being racing. So I stopped and walked and really evaluated that statement because it is extremely profound and words have power. I walked and thought to myself why I do this, why I continue to do so, do I enjoy it? I do enjoy…no…I LOVE what I do. It brings me so much joy and life. But this race defeated me. I’ve run tougher races, this race although beautiful and challenging is not the hardest by leaps and bounds. A lot of this had to do with the extreme fatigue my mind and body have been experiencing as of late. I put a ton of pressure on myself. I care about my blog. I care about you my readers. I want to continue to grow and provide you with incredible content and inspiration. And Sunday, I just couldn’t do it. Then something happened.

The Runner’s World Influencers Gave Me Life!

I saw Larisa and Karla as I approached mile 12. They were spectating the race and providing some much needed encouragement. Seeing these two gave me a whole new perspective on things. These two ladies were part of the Runner’s World Influencer team and I have gotten the chance to get to know both of them over the weekend. Relationships are important. The blogger community is very small and it’s important to learn from one another and encourage one another to be amazing. Trust me, there is enough bread on the table for all of us to eat. Seeing them reminded me about how much fun I have had over the weekend. All the things I had learned. The people I have met that I may not have met if it hadn’t been for this weekend. A lot of us called this weekend life changing. I have to agree. I think we all took something special away from the weekend. What I took away? There are always people that have your back. It’s ok to have a moment of weakness, it’s part of the process. You pick yourself up and get to that finish line. Not every race has to be flawless. It’s ok and everything will be alright. So thanks Team Runner’s World for helping me get through that tough race!

Now let’s get into it!

Over the weekend, Runner’s World fed the hungry bloggers with meals and selections from their cookbook “Meals on the Run”. These are easy meals that you can make in about 30 minutes with pretty simple ingredients! And trust me…the food in this book is DELICIOUS! And yes there are vegetarian/vegan options!
I have been reading it all week. And because I love food and snacks so much…I want to share the love. So, one lucky person is gonna score the book! Enter now!

Rules and Stuff:

1 Person will win 1 Runner’s World Meals on the Run cookbook valued at $30

No purchase necessary

US only please

Winner will be announced on the RaffleCopter widget and contacted through email

Contest starts October 23, 2015 and will end October 28, 2015