The LA Marathon NutriBullet Health and Fitness Expo Recap

I don’t know about you, but I look forward to race expos. The shopping. The excitement. The free samples. Expos usually mark the start of your race journey. This is the part when you pick up your bib, your participant shirt, and then the butterflies usually kick in. This year was my third ASICS LA Marathon and let me tell you…no matter how good you know a course, the butterflies never go away.


I have arrived

The NutriBullet Health and Fitness Expo takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center. You arrive and pick up your bib number, then head over and grab your t-shirt. I REALLY liked the design of the t-shirt this year. I was fortunate enough to get an exclusive sneak peek the week before the race. It was really hard not to share what it was with the world…I loved it that much. After you do your bib and shirt pick up you entered ASICS City! ASICS is the presenting sponsor of the LA Marathon so naturally there was TONS of merchandise to choose from. I did some damage here. After that I made my way over to the wall of fame, an staple now for the LA Marathon! Participants can find their name listed among the other participants and snap a selfie. Now, there were 26,000 of us registered for the race so that made for a fun searching adventure.

Oh, there you are Perry

Oh, there you are Perry

The awesome folks over at Runner’s World were stationed at the booth giving folks the chance to put themselves on their cover. I haven’t done that before so of course I jumped in line…then there he was. Bart Yasso waving and saying hi! We are kind of BFFs and stuff. I also had him jump on the magazine cover with me…because you know, when I do win the Spring contest he’s totally gonna join me on the cover and stuff.

Bart and I own the cover

Bart and I own the cover

After I let Bart get back to work (LOL), I wandered around the expo and ran into a lot of cool people! Expos are the perfect place to meet friends, or run into them unexpectedly.


Casey and I

Fellow LA Marathon Ambassador @CaseyRuns

AJ and Ivie were stalking me I swear... :)

AJ and Ivie were stalking me I swear… 🙂

Jody cares so much and just spoils me!

Jody cares so much and just spoils me!


Nadia always reminds me that we can do anything we put our minds to.

And remember that informal #LA30TweetUp we put on just because we could? Well, that was a lot of fun actually.


Crazy kids at the #LA30TweetUp

Of course I got to hang out with my faves and help out at the PRO Compression booth this weekend.


My Crew! @pointonemiles @andreabarber @suzanneellard holding it down at Pro Compression


I was all over the place. On my feet all weekend (literally). I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Seeing so many people. Having fun folks come up to me and say hi. It was a blast to be there. It was an expo I didn’t feel like I had to rush to get out of. Can I also shout out NutriBullet for raffling off SO MANY NurtiBullets?! I mean, I didn’t win…but if you did YAY! This expo for me set a great tone for what was sure to be a great weekend. It really goes to show you how deep this running community goes. I had WAYYYY to many photos of things and people to share! But you can check out my Instagram for all the coverage of the weekend.

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