Beats 1 and Apple Music

Note: This is not a sponsored post. It just happens to be something I am EXTREMELY passionate about. Therefore, I share. Enjoy.

I’ve wanted to do this post about Beats 1 on Apple Music for a LONG time. Pretty much since Beats by Dre hosted their 1 Run and they invited me to the event to participate. The list of things I am 100% passionate about is not very long. Running and music happen to be on that list, along with family, close friends, and snacks (not in that order). Music has the ability to convey a story, an emotion. It has the ability to transport you anywhere in the world. It can energize you. I can make you have feelings of sadness. Anger. Happiness. Music is very powerful. It’s a part of my life, my DNA. I can’t recall a memory where I wasn’t around music either singing or listening to it. I have always enjoyed exploring new music and just listening. Being present. Taking the journey with the artists and producers. Last June something amazing launched. A new music service that has changed the way people in over 100 countries experience music. Ladies and gentleman, boys and squirrels that was Apple Music and along with it, Beats 1.

What is Beats 1?

Beats 1 is a global radio experience that streams exclusively via Apple Music. The station broadcasts from Los Angeles, New York City, and London around the clock. This station has no set format in terms of genre of music it plays, because they play anything and everything. Beyond the awesome flagship anchored shows hosted by industry icons such as Zane Lowe (LA), Ebro Darden (NYC), and Julie Adenuga (London) the station also boasts some incredible speciality shows that rotate throughout the week. The station is the furthest thing from the words ‘boring’ and ‘ordinary’. The station and music platform has only been on the air just more than 6 months, but you wouldn’t know it by listening. Beats 1 is ahead of the culture curve bringing you exclusive music, interviews, and perspectives. If you were to ask me what my 3 favorite shows are on Beats 1 I would tell you Abstract Radio hosted by Q-Tip, Anna Lunoe and her weekly dance mix, and Soulection hosted by Joe Kay. Honorable mention going to Disclosure and their show that debuted with the station. You can check out the full line up and descriptions of the shows here. So Beats 1, is a music explorers playground. And they aren’t going to stop anytime soon.

Beats 1, Apple Music, and Fitness Intersect

If you are someone that follows Apple the way that I do, you know that they strongly believe in the philosophy of ensuring people can live healthy and active lifestyles.  Throughout the day I am essentially tapped into Beats 1. But I can’t listen to everything when it airs or even replays. As an Apple Music subscriber, I am grated access to past episodes of shows that I can stream on demand (I love that they added this feature). This means if I want to run a 2:00 half marathon and I want the perfect soundtrack, I can punch up Anna Lunoe or the iconic Eric Prydz shows in Apple Music Connect and I am off and running. Both of those shows are two hours long so there’s my playlist and race timer! High energy music with fantastic vibes. If I am lifting weights and cross training and I want some motivation and soothing vibes, I can dial up Mary J. Blige and her show Real Talk, St. Vincent’s Mixtape Delivery Service, or even Elton John’s Rocket Hour (which is ALWAYS a hoot to listen to). If I just need music, there are a TON of playlists available inside Apple Music sorted by activity and genre. Anything you want to listen to…they have it.

The point to all this is that there is a world of music and programming that exists that you can use to your advantage. I don’t have to spend a ton of time building playlists anymore if I don’t want to. There are also specially curated playlists created by Apple Music editors that are created based on specific activities. So, whether you are Running or Working Out or even hosting a dinner party there are several playlists available. I like providing you guys with options. Apple Music has become part of my everyday routine.

What Makes Apple Music So Special?

I used to be a Spotify subscriber. I spent most of my time inside Spotify so I understand the capabilities and what they offer. For me, The ability to have such expertly curated music and shows at my fingertips is a huge plus. I like variety. I like being introduced to new music on a daily basis. As I type this, I am listening to the sounds of London with Julie. The station (and Apple Music) are dynamic and responsive. Whatever is happening in the world, they know about and bring it to you as it happens. Their news and culture team stays on top of it. It is the world’s most sophisticated music streaming service in my humble opinion.

I encourage you to at least give Beats 1 and Apple Music a try. I know the Music app can be intimidating. It is VERY robust and it is easy to get lost in there. It took me some time to find my way around as well. But when I tell you that it has changed how I workout and run I mean it. I transforms the way I approach music. I expect the unexpected. I look forward to catching up on the shows during a long run. I am anxious to hear new music or be surprised, or to have my thoughts challenged.

Get into the programming and discover some new music and a new way to power your runs or workouts. Did I mention Apple Music is also now available on Android so there is no excuse haha. You can always check out to find out when shows air where ever you are in the more than 100 counties Beats 1 broadcasts to via Apple Music. Worldwide. Always on.

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