Surviving the runDisney Goofy and Dopey Challenges

Isn’t it just exciting? A lot of you are literally days away from arriving in Orlando for the runDisney Walt Disney World Marathon weekend presented by Cigna!┬áPersonally, I don’t know why they just don’t call it “marathon week”…there is so much going on! I like to personally think of this weekend as runDisney homecoming. It’s no surprise that we make some awesome pals at runDisney events and this is certainly an event everyone does their best to attend. I sadly will not be joining you guys this year and it does break my heart…but if you’re coming out for Star Wars half marathon weekend join Dani and I for our #RebelTweetUp.


Join Dani & I for the #RebelTweetUp

Join Dani & I for the #RebelTweetUp

Now, a lot of you are taking on some really fun challenges. Some are running their very first half or full marathons (congratulations in advance). Others want a little more of a challenge and want to take on Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge or the Dopey Challenge. For those that may be unfamiliar, the Goofy Challenge is where you run the Walt Disney World Half Marathon and Marathon back to back…one on Saturday and one on Sunday. I did this is 2013. Did I mention that was also my first marathon. Talk about crazy man. The Dopey Challenge now in it’s second year basically means you run ALL the races. 5K, 10K, 13.1, and 26.2. One race a day Thursday-Sunday. I did this in January. Wow. So…how do you survive these races while maximizing your time at the Happiest Place on Earth? It’s not easy but I’ll share what worked for me. Of course your crazy results may vary haha.

Goofy Race and Half Challenge!

For me, Goofy is the perfect amount of running for marathon weekend. You log 39.3 strong miles, you complete a challenge, and yet don’t feel like you short-changed your race weekend. Here is what my schedule looked like. Expo on Thursday and get all the things, followed by some park time (don’t forget to consistently hydrate). Friday I started my fueling and minimized my park time. I went in the morning and was back at my hotel by about 1:00PM. Remember, you do have a half marathon in the morning so you want your legs rested. I went to Downtown Disney (soon to be Disney Springs) that evening and ate pretty good…I went to Bongo’s. NOMS. Saturday came around. I recommend using the half marathon to get as many character photos as you can. The first 6.5 miles are the same for the marathon the next day. Also, take this race pretty easy. 13.1 miles is nothing to laugh at and with the various overpass ramps and turns you’ll be taking you will fatigue your muscles. So hydrate, take your fuel, and enjoy the ride. I NEVER blaze through this race. Remember afterward you need to start recovery immediately. I recommend packing a recovery nutrition kit in your drop bag and leaving it with gear check. Come through the finish chute get that pretty medal and your wrist band (please don’t forget your wrist bands) and get your gear and replenish those vitamins and nutrients. If you have brunch plans, eat hearty but don’t eat junk. Then I recommend REST! I didn’t do the parks Saturday. I ate went to the hotel, went to the pool because it was HOT in 2013, lounged, relaxed, and laughed. Also ate a good pre-marathon dinner and went to bed pretty early.


Dopey Challenge!

Dopey…man. Ok, so let me just say this…I enjoyed Dopey. I have told people since January that the distance isn’t the problem. The gradual build up of mileage isn’t an issue if you trained properly…and I did. The issue is waking up at 2:30-3:00am for 4 mornings straight. Your body needs rest. What I found is that I was literally just mentally fatigued by the end of the half marathon on Saturday…ask Kat she watched me go crazy lol. So what would I do? have to do the expo on Wednesday so get in shop ’till you drop then bounce. Since you have the 5K the next morning you have some grace here. Hit up the parks and have fun. I would also say you have some grace Thursday afternoon as well. After the 10K on Friday you have to start focusing and preparing for the next 39.3 miles. Saturday you may feel intimidated or even tired. Push through. Recover immediately after. If you need a nap, TAKE IT. If you’re hungry, eat something pretty healthy but with calories to store. Do not do to much park time this day. You have already logged 22.4 miles and you need to log another 26.2. You. Need. REST. Rest, hyrdartion, and nutrition (accompanied with arriving prepared and trained) are what will get you through this weekend.

Also remember to pack properly. Bring clothes or all weather (hot, cold, and rain). It is Central Florida so the weather can turn on a dime. You’ll want to be prepared. I also recommend going to Publix in Celebration (it’s maybe 3 miles off property) and stocking your hotel room with water and snacks. This way you don’t have to pay crazy prices for a bottle of water. You can literally buy a case of water at Publix for less than $4.00. In case you didn’t catch the trend here is the equation for success…

Training + Nutrition + Rest = SUCCESS


I know so many of you are excited and I can’t wait to cheer all of you on and to hear your stories in person at the #RebelTweetUp! If you have questions or need advice or just want to say hi, you can always tweet me @SharpEndurance. You can also leave comments below and I’ll respond right back to you. Good luck out there you guys. Trust your training. Believe in yourselves, and most important Have a Magical Time!

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