Disneyland 10K Recap

Day 2 of my race weekend came before I knew it. I had survived the Disneyland 5K and had an incredible time (see what I did there). I survived an afternoon at work and sadly had to miss the Cigna blogger meet up. But, I will catch them soon. Saturday had arrived and it was time to roar through 6.2 miles as I took on the Disneyland 10K.


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As I mentioned before, this whole race weekend was inspired by Pixar films, and the 10K celebrated Monsters University. Funny thing is, I was very skeptical of this film but REALLY enjoyed it.

I was crazy jazzed to see the 10K was also completely on resort property when I looked at the course map. As I will note later in the post, this is a great thing. One thing Disney does well is theming, and I noticed the zero and K in “10K” were the O and K from the fraternity Oozma Kappa from the movie. This was absolutely hilarious!!!!! Oozma Kappa, We’re OK! (crying laughing emoji)

The weather race morning seemed to be a touch cooler than the day before, but not by much. I was in corral A and just took off…again. I always tell people not to blast out of the corral and here I go crushing it through the course, not even caring I have 13.1 to run tomorrow. The way I figured it, it was going to be scorching anyway weather wise so what difference did it truly make? I was here to have FUN!

I stopped for a ton of character stops, chatted with friends like @AccordingToKelly on route, and just had my own scare floor party. For me, this race weekend is all about the joy of running and friendship…so have a PARTY and enjoy. Especially with this heat and humidity.

Again, major shout outs to the cast production team for making the park and backstage areas so much fun. The colors in the lighting, the DJs, the cast members, and volunteers…you are true rock stars!

I mentioned earlier, I loved that the course was completely on resort property. This was incredible. I know in the past Disneyland runDisney events have received criticism that we don’t spend a ton of time in the parks. This is largely due to the fact Disneyland Resort is drastically smaller in size compared to the small contained universe that is Walt Disney World. It would appear that feedback has been heard because we didn’t step off of property once. No city streets, which is a joy because frankly Anaheim isn’t the most exciting place. While the race is contained on property, it helps keep roads open, reduces traffic on race morning, and increases the creativity of the entertainment team to really stretch and do some cool stuff. For example, running past Team Disney (the big yellow administration building backstage behind Small World and the steam train and monorail roundhouse) they lit it up and posted Monsters University greek rush flyers…they created Greek Row! NEAT! Creativity truly matters when it comes to Disney races. Disney is all about imagination and dreams. I see the direction folks, keep going.

The largest mood of the weekend

And now onto the medal. The medal was GREAT! Probably my second favorite of the weekend. The details in it are crazy good. It has college Sulley and Mike (with his retainer which killed me) peeking through a door!

And yes the back also had an inspirational quote from the movie! Again, whoever thought of this is a genius and deserves a raise.

Overall this race was a blast. I finished in 1:00:16 (oops again) and enjoyed every single step. I opted to head home and rest. This means missing the #WeRunSocial meet up which was a bummer, but I needed the downtime. It really helped me get through Sunday which I will recap next. I had one scary good time at the Monsters University themed Disneyland 10K! How about you?


One more thing, the finish line photo props for the races…PERFECT!

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