Disneyland 5K Recap

I had been waiting for this week for months. It was finally here, my favorite runDisney race weekend! The Disneyland Half Marathon weekend, presented by Cigna had officially arrived and this meant a few things! First, early 2:30 wake up calls, great races, awesome people, and awful weather. But at least my race day outfit was on point.

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This weekend is typically warm, but with the tropical storms that were brewing we were experiencing warmer than usual temperatures. That didn’t stop us from having fun. This year, runDisney decided to switch things up. The race challenge had previously been known as the Dumbo Double Dare (running both the 10K and half marathon in the same weekend) was now the Disneyland Double Dare. This made sense as this race seems to have struggled with identity and branding given the constant theme and character changes over the past 12 years of its existence. But this year, the race celebrated Pixar…and I was overjoyed. The 5K celebrated MY favorite Pixar film, The Incredibles!

Fast forward to race morning. I wake up at 2:30am on a Friday. I decided I would run the race then head to the office for work. I started a new gig recently and didn’t want to be out of the office too much…I have a lot going on. Needless to say when I arrived at the office I was loopy! Anyway, I arrived and the weather was just gross. Low 80s with at least 70% humidity. Thankfully, this is only three miles. I met up with some friends in the corral before we headed off on our tour of the Disneyland Resort.

Life is apparently a highway

Let me just say…whoever designed the courses this weekend YOU ROCK! Of all of the runDisney 5Ks I have participated in, this course is by FAR my favorite. It was completely on property, the characters and cast members were out in full force, and the special events team REALLY outdid themselves with the uplighting and gobos on the walls. I was blown away. I was telling friends of mine that not only did the course blow me away, but I had no issue seeing where my money was going. I give props when they are due, and criticize when appropriate. Heads up, this weekend is FULL of praise.

The race was a blur as I crushed it in 29 minutes (oops). But I had a ball. Honestly, I spent most of the time enjoying what the cast and production team created for this event. There were surprises at every turn. I appreciate that runDisney really put some real thought into these races this weekend. I know in the past some weekends haven’t lived up to the hype or expectation, but the Disney standard was met and exceeded in my humble opinion..so hats off runDisney team (looking at Shannon and Tracy).

Look at this stuff isn’t it neat?

Now HERE is the kicker. The medal. The medal is of course Incredibles themed..but I realized something when I got home. The medal had a quote from Dash on the back!!!! You want to talk about a special touch?! This FLOORED me! What a neat detail! Whoever thought of that deserves a raise. And the quote is running themed! Spoiler: all of the medals this weekend had quotes. I DIE!

So yes, The 5K was amazing! I loved it. I saw vast improvements in the production and value. It really wet my appetite for what was coming in the next couple of days. If this was the bar, then I was excited to see what was coming next!

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