Disneyland Half Marathon Recap 2017

Alright folks, the final race of the weekend had arrived. This is always a bittersweet day no matter what runDisney race it is. I had dashed through the Disneyland 5K and roared through the Disneyland 10K and was now ready to head to Pizza Planet in my yellow Toyota pick up during the Toy Story themed half marathon.

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This was the warmest and most humid race of the entire race weekend. This race started with a yellow flag warning. This was one of the first times, sitting in a corral at 4:30am I started to wonder whether or not having this race was a good idea. I mean I was sitting and sweating bullets. Good thing I hydrated like a maniac all week. I had mentioned previously that this weekend wasn’t about time but about fun so I reminded myself of that. This would of been my fifth Disneyland half, and I noticed the course had some modifications from previous years…and frankly I LOVED THEM.

Time in the corrals passed pretty quickly and we were off. I took note from the previous races, and paced a little better this time. Again, it felt like we spent more time in the parks than in previous years. But we were eventually thrown onto the streets of Anaheim to get those miles in. The course had been changed this year and honestly was more appealing in every way. I hope it stays this way. The same traditional on course entertainment was out and about. Classic car row, mariachis, Boy Scouts. No reason to be bored.


I was out enjoying my run, walking when the humidity was just too much for me. This was awesome because I caught up with A TON of friends on the course! We shared stories, talked plans, high fived…all that good stuff. It was a big party!

People make this race fun!

And of course I made time for character and landmark stops…

A highlight of this race is the ability to run around the field of Angel Stadium! This is a toss up every year because seasons and permits so I am happy the race team has been able to secure it every year. It is SO fun! By mile 10 I frankly was just done. It was hot. It was humid. I was just over it. One thing I was not was tired. I had rested properly and hydrated so I was feeling pretty good. I was just over the humidity and heat. It was miserable. Again, this race is typically hot…it’s Labor Day weekend in southern California for crying out loud. But the storm over Baja brought that high pressure system over the Great Basin and poof instant Hell (look Mom I’m a meteorologist). I wrapped it up and headed to the finish line. I think I finished around 2:28-2:30 something like that. Then MEDALS!

Admittedly, this wasn’t a favorite this weekend. In fact, I have to be honest…I don’t like this medal…at all. If this is the Disneyland Half Marathon the only thing that is recognizable is the little blue Disneyland D on one of the blocks. In the past there have been some different takes on the D to make it more prominent. Frankly, this came off as an easy out. Carlee said it best, it seemed like a Toy Story half marathon rather than the Disneyland half marathon…I have to agree with my sis. Also, go read her recaps of the weekend, they rock.

ALTHOUGH, I will say that the Andy signature on the back of the medal is a very cute touch! Also the Double Dare medal featured Luxo Jr. (that’s the name of the lamp y’all) on it which was way fun. And the back featured the following quote from John Lasseter: “Trust your passion: Hold onto the things that inspire you. Choosethe things that you love to do.” I think I am going to do a whole post around that quote…

This entire weekend was a BLAST! I had such an amazing time! And I can’t wait to do it all again!

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  • Erica Kolsrud
    September 8, 2017

    I didn’t even realize there was something on the back of the medals! That makes them a little better. But I agree….I get celebrating Pixar, but this was the 5th Anniversary of Dumbo and I wish they had honored that.

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