Disneyland Half Marathon Recap

Sorry this recap took so long, usually I have my race recaps up by now. But ya know…life happens sometime and that is perfectly fine. So let’s talk about the Disneyland Half and how epic it was. First off…some of you may be wondering where the recap of the AMAZING #WeRunSocial meet up is. Well, I ain’t gonna write one. Because my co-host and friend Carlee wrote one that was SO FREAKING GOOD…I mean I got nothing else to add to it. So check out here blog post for how the event went. Spoiler alert: IT ROCKED! And if you missed it…welp you missed an amazing time.

Sunday morning came around and I thew myself out of bed as usual. I got dressed and hopped in the Sharpie Wagon and made my way to Disneyland for the race. I had plans for this race. First, break 2:25 on this race! The past two times I’ve run this race I came in at 2:25 both times. This is also the venue of my first runDisney race so it’s very special. Second, get as close to sub 2 as you can without killing yourself. As I train with #TeamASICS to get ready to take on the TCS NYC Marathon (can you believe that is is less than 50 days away), I wanted to get a baseline on my training and see how I was doing. Was I ready? Was I on track? I figured if I want to go sub 4 I need to hit a sub 2 or be damn close to it. With the intense weather we have been having in So Cal it was going to be a good test. I listened to Dr. Dre’s “Compton” album the entire way in. I wanted to be in the zone.

I arrived and met up with my fav Carlee at the start. She was dressed as my favorite Mickey, Steamboat Willie. This girl is mad creative and crazy positive. So she gave me some great motivational words as we skipped to Corral A together.

I’m not going to lie. I was nervous out there. I was finally in Corral A in a Disney race after a lot of hard work and a very well earned/deserved sub 2 last December. I didn’t want to get into that corral and for the lack of a better word, suck. I met up with some other friends in the corral and we hung out. My mind was somewhere else. I wanted to do well and I was focused on shredding this race. Before I knew it. We were off and running. I felt this surge of energy through my body as I started the race and Carissa shouted me out. I’m gonna do something I haven’t done before my recaps, I am gonna share my split times.

The Parks and Stuff Miles 1-4


Mile 1 – 8:42

Mile 2 – 8:01

Mile 3 – 9:17

5K – 26:51

Mile 4 – 9:14


I locked into a groove. I knew my first couple miles were going to be lightning fast unintentionally. The heard is thinning and the road is narrow. Yes that’s happening at the same time…so you either speed up or run the risk of getting trampled. Good thing I did speed work. The first four miles are through the parks and it’s one of my favorite parts. Especially since when we started it was still dark…which means we would be able to see World of Color in all of its splendor. It’s my favorite thing about this race. My favorite thing.

I shot out of the gate by my old home, the parade warehouse and made my way down to mile 4 where I saw my friend Jenn cheering with Autism Speaks. She gave me a big hug and a bracelet. She told me later I looked like I was in the zone. Over the I-5 bridge and on to the streets of Anaheim we went. I’m feeling good, stable, fast, and comfortable at this point.

Onward to Angels Stadium


Mile 5 – 9:10

Mile 6 – 9:21

10K – 55:24

Mile 7 – 9:15

Mile 8 – 9:53

Mile 9 – 9:36

Mile 10 – 10:13


The streets were pretty easy the go around. I tried to lock into a pretty comfortable pace and I found it. I would of liked for these splits to be faster, but with the weather and other variables I was THRILLED my splits were so consistent. I did feel myself getting a little fatigued around the mile 8 mark but I would not stop. I kept going, I walked when I needed to but I kept moving forward. I know from experience the more walking I do the slower I get. Sometimes you have to do what your body says is right, but I wasn’t hurt or anything. Push through the fatigue, fuel up and get it done. Plus my music was on POINT this race. Hooray!  I ran through Angels Stadium and boy that place was PACKED this year. Always a huge burst of energy you need for the last 5K.

The Home Stretch


Mile 11 – 10:09

Mile 12 – 9:20

Mile 13 – 9:44


This is the part of the race I always struggle with. Having home court advantage means you know exactly how many blocks and turns it is until you reach the finish. I got into my head. I knew I was close. I knew my 15K split was gonna be sub 1:30 but I knew my sub 2 was gone. I recalculated at light speed in my head (which for me is CRAZY because I hate math) and I said “Yo…if you hit it and keep moving you’ll be sub 2:05 which is exactly where you wanna be.” So, that’s what I did. I hit it. I locked into the pace that worked for me the whole race and kept my head down. I took short walk breaks when I needed to. By this time the sun was up, so I didn’t want to burn out. I was tired by the time I got to mile 12. But I looked at my watch and realized this was the most consistent pacing in a half marathon I’ve ever done. I didn’t bounce and fluctuate in time a whole lot. I was pretty darn steady. That made me smile. I came around the bend on property through the last .3 miles and locked down and gunned it. I saw the finish and wouldn’t you know it…CRAMP. Yes ladies and gentleman, I got a mile cramp in my left hamstring. I didn’t even care I hobbled my butt across that finish line like a boss. With a finish time of 2:04:01!!!!! I am officially on track for NYC! I’ll be adding more strength training into the routine and adding some miles throughout my training. Coach Kastor was proud.

I don’t have to tell you that this is my favorite runDisney half marathon. I’ve said it a million times. But I will say (also again) that the people make this race and weekend what it is. Great friends. Great laughs. Great snacks. Great accomplishments. Disney brings it all together and I am thrilled to have been part of this race again. Now two more races until the Big Apple. Be sure to follow Team ASICS NYC as we train for race day on the ASICS YouTube channel every week. Thanks for all the love and support! I had a blast and needed this great race. I hit all my goals! Set a course best and hit your half target for NYC. Done and Done. The work is far from over. On to the next one.

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