It’s Disneyland Half Week

Oh Boy!!! The runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon presented by Cigna is finally here. I look forward to this race every year. Truthfully, if I have to pick one runDisney event a year I can’t miss, this is the one.


Clearly I love this race #ThroughTheYears


Bring on the shenanigans! Its @runDisney #DisneylandHalf weekend and Sharpie is ready to boogie! Click To Tweet

This will be my fifth Disneyland half marathon weekend, and I will of course be participating in the Disneyland Double Dare (running the 10K and Half marathon) as well as the 5K on Friday. This year, the race celebrates Pixar films which is super exciting. The 5k is themed after my favorite Pixar film The Incredibles (and no I can’t wait for the sequel), the 10K celebrates Monsters University, and the half marathon of course celebrates Toy Story!

I’ll take one of each please.


Can we also discuss how awesome the shirt designs are? I LOVE the Disneyland Double Dare shirt. I want 5 of them.

A collection.


With the typical Labor Day summer heat wave that has descended upon So Cal, I will be running purely for the love of running this weekend. No Goals, no worries. I plan on having as much fun as possible. So here is the rundown of my weekend…let’s see how this goes in real life.


I have to work, but as soon as I fly the coop I am headed straight to the expo to get my bibs and shirts. I may do some light shopping. Definitely need to find some friends…and a beer. Then I will head out. Since I am doing the 5K the next morning and I live 45 minutes away, staying out late isn’t a good idea.


It’s all about the 5k. A quick run through the parks and earn The Incredibles medal. Arguably, one of my favorite designs of the weekend next to the challenge medal. I am also biased. Oh well. There is also the Cigna Bloggers meet up and scavenger hunt that takes place at Noon. So, you’ll see a bunch of us running around Disney California Adventure doing random challenges. This may change if I have to go to work Friday. New job, new responsibilities. Adulting happens.


The Monsters University 10K. No real expectations for this race either. Maybe I will find some friends to goof off with. So if anyone just wants to play for this race, let me know. Also, we can’t forget about the social event of the entire weekend. The #WeRunSocial crew meet up! Check the deets below:


The Toy Story half marathon! Before I even get into the race strategy I am going to note that I am disappointed the Disneyland ‘D’ is not more prominent in the medal design. Like…it’s classic and pretty. That’s just my opinion no one asked for. Anyway.

Half marathon day is going to just be an easy run. No expectations. So again, if anyone wants to play in Corral A, let your dude know! Afterwards, I will grab something to eat and head out. I will be exhausted…and hot.

Long story short, I have every intention of enjoying the hell out of this weekend. It’ll be nice to connect with a bunch of you that are in from out of town. So tweet me and let’s connect don’t be shy.

What are you most excited for this weekend?

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