runDisney, Can We Talk?

<sigh>. I don’t know why you make me do this, runDisney. Why do you always make me come on here and get you together!? This isn’t the first time we have had a conversation about your behavior. But we worked through it and moved on. But this, this I can’t deal with.

Just last year, I talked with everyone about how the Disneyland Half Marathon was my favoriterun Disney race. The theming, the time of year, the colors, the atmosphere, everything. But now, after what you said to me yesterday…I am afraid this may be goodbye.

It is absolutely no secret that I enjoy runDisney races. In fact, I love them. They are fun, exciting, and something engaging for the entire family. It’s a race series that caters to all skill levels, so no one needs to feel intimidated. runDisney celebrates healthy living and adds a special twist of magic. When you are here at Disneyland Resort or across the country at Walt Disney World, you feel immersed into the runDisney culture. I have met some of my best friends through runDisney. Walt Disney World Marathon was my FIRST marathon. So we have history. I’m not new to this. I get it.

BUT, when you have the NERVE to assault my email box with this offensive pricing structure for the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend, and those prices are absolutely outrageous…it makes me wonder if Alice shared some of her “snacks” with you from her Mad Tea Party.

I would like to discuss in particular the starting cost of the half marathon at $205. Clearly, you know this is crazy. Marathons around the country with larger fields in bigger cities don’t even have pricing that gets that high. And if they do, it’s double the distance (and honestly more swag too). That is literally almost $16 per mile. Also let me remind you, literally a third of Disneyland Park is under construction as you build Star Wars Land (which I also protest but I’ll save that). So, you raise prices…while you’re under construction…makes sense. $120 for a 10K is MAD. and $80 for a 5K is laughable. Let’s not forget to add the Active processing fees as well, so go ahead and add about 5-15 bucks on top of registration. And I am not even going to talk about the expo lines the first day of the race weekend. Child.

Listen, I do not CARE that you have characters (sometimes) readily available to snap a photo. I understand that cast members need to come in to assist with guest control and other necessary race day activities. I also know they need to make a living. Having BEEN a cast member…they aren’t making much (no shade)…which is another reason why this is upsetting. And of course, permits and insurance and blah blah yes I know. I need to know where the money is going, because THIS doesn’t add up?

Why on Earth do you think it is appropriate to sell a half marathon at that starting price point? It’s crazy town. I run a LOT of races, I know when something sounds crazy and ladies and gentleman we have reached crazy. I mean, it says something when races like Avengers and Tinker Bell don’t sell out right away. No seriously, you can still register for Tink right now for $230. LOL. As if. If you are going to increase the fee, you better increase the value of what I as a runner receive…it actually seems to be going in the opposite direction. Pay more, get less. Not ok.

So, I won’t be registering for this race. And I am not going to feel bad about not doing so. Here is the thing. For me, this is outrageous. I have so many things I can do with $205 (plus Active fees). And if someone is really just dying to register, you can have my spot. To each their own, I won’t judge you for wanting to do the race, it really is awesome. I just won’t be giving the Mouse my coin to do so. So runDisney, we are breaking up. I have a blank space and I’m writing your name. This is too much for me to deal with. It is crazy. You don’t have to agree with me. This is how I feel about what’s going over there. Again, if you are down for the cause and feel like paying crazy fees for crowded races, do you that is your business. I know I’ll be preparing to go on vacation so more money for my adventure. I want to do runDisney races! I LOVE THEM! They are fun! But this is just a mess. I left nonsense in 2015.

Sorry runDisney, but until you get your life together you can’t sit with me. I understand the purpose of a business is to get to that money, but at what point do you focus on improving the races you have with the money you have? (WHICH IS ALL OF IT!) Do what you want to do grown people with jobs, but I can’t do it anymore. I’m tired. But have fun and enjoy the magic.

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