West Coast runDisney Is Cancelled

#runDisney has officially cancelled west coast races…and Sharpie has words.

I’m sure if you’ve been anywhere near the Internet today you have seen the garbage fire that was set around Noon PST today. Yes ladies and gentlemen, after months of rumors, speculation, and dramatics runDisney officially came out and said that they are cancelling all runDisney events at the Disneyland Resort indefinitely. Yes my darlings, runDisney launched a rogue firework into the sky and it caused pandemonium in several comments sections! As you can imagine, the world fell into chaos. You can read their official statement here.

Ok so here’s the thing. If you came here for a “this is an outrage” post…I’m not going to give it to you. Sorry. Instead what I will say is the following…and you are allowed to agree or disagree. I’m a fan of healthy respectful discussions. So let’s argue.

First. runDisney could of handled this communication a million times better (I feel like this is obvious but I will say it anyway). People have registered for Light Side and Tinkerbell weekends respectively and have been waiting for months (literal months) to find out the fate of the races. Plane tickets, hotel reservations, dining plans…you name it people have had those in the works. Now, while I understand WHY the decision took as long as it did (first hand), it doesn’t make it right. And it sucks for the runners and families involved. But the good news is, y’all are going to be refunded your race entry fees. Horray. And if you are stuck with flights, the good news is Southern California has other races and a ton of other attractions and amenities you can enjoy and create new memories at. We have beaches, mountains, wine, hiking, other theme parks, wine. There is opportunity to really make the best out of this.

A photo of outraged runners demanding a refund plus interest

Now that we got that out of the way let’s get real.

If you were paying close attention, you saw this train coming. runDisney has been noting that registration for early 2018 west coast races would be paused. West coast races stopped showing up in official event guides and communications. Registrants were not given any additional information about their races (again this isn’t okay). So, process of elimination tells me that I should probably make an alternative plan. I get better than anyone as a HUGE runDisney fan, that we look forward to these races for months. We plan family vacations around them. We make plans with friends we never get to see. These aren’t just races, they are reunions at the place where dreams come true. It’s disappointing when this happens. It sucks for us as runners and consumers. But guess what…it sucks for the very small team of cast members who are responsible for bringing these events to life. I am disappointed because Disneyland half is one of my all time favorite races!!!! But the good news is, I can plan a late summer vacation now without fear of missing out on the race. Maybe a Disney Cruise to Alaska at the end of the season?

There is a team that is no larger than 10 people that work with runDisney Florida to help put on these huge productions for US! They are here day and night working around the clock to ensure we are safe and the smallest details are attended to so we can have fun and experience the magic. These people have ALSO been in limbo as long as we have. This isn’t their fault. This decision is much larger than them at a conversation in an Ivory Tower few have ever seen. Their hands are tied. So I want to thank these people (who happen to be friends of mine) for fighting the good fight and bringing these experiences to us to enjoy. And I hope they return to the west soon. It’s no secret I love the races out here.

I will take the opportunity to explore other races in that time frame until the races return. I am bummed like you are but we have to move forward. There are other important things we can focus on…and frankly other races willing to help you earn some bling and achievements. runDisney didn’t make this decision lightly. They are managing this the best way they can. There is no easy solution or answer. But the bottom line is it’s cancelled. So let’s stop flaming the comments sections because that isn’t productive at all.

Thanks cast members for all you have done. And to the wild folks in the mentions and comments sections…stop it. Trust me they hear you and running them over with the bus repeatedly isn’t going to bring our races back.

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