2015 The Year of Yes A Retrospective

Well, I guess I can’t avoid this much longer given that 2016 will be here in just a few short days. I really wasn’t sure how I wanted to recap 2015. Did I want to do a video? A photo montage? Did I just want to stay silent and not do a post at all? So rather that just jump into creating some content I would not of been happy with, I waited and let the Universe guide me in the right direction. For a year that was THIS amazing, I wanted the content to be perfect. I wanted it to be meaningful and have purpose and intention. I wanted it to be authentic. So, today as I put a pretty bow on 2015 The Year of Yes, I want to look  back at some of the me most impactful events of the year for me. Certainly there were a lot more, but my mind went RIGHT to these five. These aren’t ranked in an order of importance, but rather chronologically. So here we go.

The 2015 Boston Marathon was my second trip down the Unicorn Alley. It’s always such an honor to be with the other runners as we celebrate this sense of community at our sport’s Super Bowl. This run felt different however. I had something happening to me at the beginning of the race before we even got into our start corrals. I was having a mild anxiety attack. I would argue it was actually pretty substantial. Since I was with friends, I did my best to keep it together but inside I was a disaster. The weather had taken a turn and it began to rain. The last time I ran a marathon in the rain…it wasn’t good. Thankfully, I came prepared with gloves and my rain jacket so at least I was ready for the elements. The issue was, I was terrified of being out on the course for five hours in the rain. I just wanted to finish safely. And that I did. I finished this year’s Boston 10 minutes faster than the year prior. I came across the line SO HAPPY. I faced a fear and bested the course. Boston teaches you things…well…every run every step teaches you something. At THIS particular race, I learned that I am a lot stronger than I give myself credit for. Coming across the line smiling big is all I wanted. I was safe, warm, soaking wet, but had silenced demons in my head. I can’t ask for anything more than that. I look forward to my last Boston charity run this coming year.

Rock n Roll San Diego wasn’t just a marathon weekend. It was the start of something large. This is the weekend that #WeRunSocial basically announced ourselves to the world. #WeRunSocial had been in the works behind the scenes for a few months prior to this, but the team wanted us to come through and make a splash! And that is what we did. This was a weekend of bonding, of fun, of excitement, of laughs, of genuine people just being awesome. There were so many great things about this weekend. Beer at the Stone Brewery Tap Room to kick off the weekend. A 5K of madness around Balboa Park. Expo time and selfies. The Pro Compression meet up and run. SNACKS! And of course, hanging out with the rest of the Rock n Roll #RockNBlog team! Listen, if you aren’t hanging out with the WRS crew then I don’t know what you’re doing. I ran the marathon with my boo Dani, and new found friends Rob and Sarah! This weekend was a freaking blast. I know we all left saying “Can we do this again next year?” If you look up fun in the dictionary, this will pop up!

When really interesting and unique opportunities present themselves to you, you know they are meant for you. This opportunity (from my perspective) came out of no where. I had no idea I was being considering for this opportunity since there isn’t an application process. When ASICS approached me and asked me to join them as an ambassador and as one of the 5 runners who would film their journey and participate in the TCS NYC Marathon…I was floored. I couldn’t believe it. I truly was in a state of shock for three days. I kept going back to read the email to make sure my mind wasn’t playing a cruel joke on me. I kept asking myself “How? Why me?” I often don’t feel like I am good enough at times. Yes, I struggle with self doubt. But as I began to submit footage and meet the team, I realized I WAS good enough. ASICS saw something in me they liked, and they as a brand believe in me. It’s so amazing to have a brand like ASICS have your back the way they have mine. I am forever grateful to be part of #TeamASICS and look forward to how we better our best in 2016…Because Winter.

My strongest marathon yet. I finished with a 4:40:42 PR. Those numbers will be burned into my brain until I PR again…which hopefully will be at LA and then in Boston. God willing. My trip to NYC was such a whirlwind. I hung out with my new #TeamASICS family and got to know them all so well. I met elite runners, I partied with Runner’s World VIPs, I took the subway, I ate New York Pizza, I ran throgh 5 Burroughs and all the bridges. Listen, my trip to NYC was essentially perfection. I have to thank ASICS for being so generous, so supportive, so amazing before, during, and after our trip. This wasn’t just a brand placement plug, they took care of us. The company cares about its athletes. If you ever have a chance to run the New York City Marathon, you HAVE to do it. It is AMAZING! Unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life. And yes, please petition to ASICS and let them know that I want to come back for #5ToTheFinishLine season 2!

The week of the 30th birthday I always run the Holiday Half Marathon. This was my fourth year running it and typically every year I PR this course. I don’t know how or why that is. Especially since this course is not the easiest course on Earth. BUT, I don’t argue with fate. This year was extra special. I just felt like that day was going to be my day. I hit the course, ran with some friends for a bit, and before I knew it I had a 10K PR. This is where I got nervous, because I didn’t want to fatigue and burn out…I didn’t. I felt strong the whole way. I remember crossing mile 12 looking at my watch. I needed air and a quick walk to get my mind right. I took exactly 32 seconds and I HIT IT. I took off for that finish line and came in at 1:53! My fastest half marathon time EVER!!!!! The half marathon is my favorite distance. As I work towards building a stronger faster Sharpie, days like these send me over the moon! I proceeded to enjoy the afternoon with some friends over some delicious sushi to celebrate life, success, goals, and of course plan a vacation.

Wrapping Up

2015 was amazing. Hands down. There are so many other memories I want to throw in here, but for the sake of time and the health of your eyes, I’ll stick to this list. These were events that rocked my spirit. These are often the events I look back on and they make me smile. Again, the list could go on for days but I think this is a great look. So what’s next? Live life that’s what’s next. I have some ideas of things I want to accomplish in 2016 but for now I’ll keep them to myself. As we get closer I’ll bring you into the loop. In life I’ve learned one thing that I know is absolutely true. Nothing in life worth having, is easy. Nothing is handed out. You have to work to get the things you and want and to reach your destinations. It’s really humbling to look back and see how far I have come and the things I’ve accomplished. I am very proud of myself. And it’s nice to know all of you (my readers, followers, and friends) have my back as well. I want to thank you all for your continuous love and support. This has been the biggest year for Sharp Endurance yet. So I am anxious to see what next year brings. Cheers friends, and Happy New Year!

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