Celebrating 30 Years of Life

Celebrating 30 years of life. @SharpEndurance #Birthday

Dear Linzie,

Well, you made it. You made it to your 30th birthday. I know you can’t believe it. I know it’s hard to believe, especially since there was a point in time when you weren’t sure if you would see 30.

We don’t need to rehash your teenage years. Those weren’t the best moments for you. I mean you sang your heart out and achieved so much in high school. Highest choir in the school your senior year as a booming bass, district honor choir that same year, and a strong third place finish at the Heritage Festival of Gold choir competition. Three time performance arts varsity letter recipient. I know you couldn’t see it then, but you were kind of a rockstar. You also met Megan.

After high school, you struggled with self identity. You needed to find who you were. What direction you wanted to go in. What’s so cool about you is you’re so fluid. You adapt. You can find yourself in one situation and can shine. While working in radio with your own overnights show (as short lived as that was because of life’s challenges) you started working at Disneyland. This was one of the best decisions of your life. No one really understood why, but you understood. Your Disneyland cast family helped shape who you are. And it’s so wonderful that you’ve honestly made life-long friends out of 5 of them.

Remember when you rushed Delta Lambda Phi. Remember when you were extended a bid to pledge and crossed as a brother with your 9 pledge brothers in 2005? Your life changed at that moment. You became more self aware. You became more confident. It was the moment when you realized exactly the person you were. And your strong circle of brothers is to thank for that. And now the brothers that are the closest to you are truly your family. They love you as much as you love them. Never forget that. Separated by Miles but connected by the heart.

Through your twenties you struggled. Your career was always on an upward trajectory, but personally…you were an absolute mess. You can almost say you grew up too fast. Thankfully your mentor and friend helped you through that tough time. You grew as a professional and now have more random letters behind your name than a can of alphabet soup. You bought a beautiful home. You’re successful. You’ve earned it. You’ve worked hard. But where was the fun?

You discovered running. And by accident. You ran and started a blog that you had no would take off. I remember, your family thought it was just a phase that would pass. No one expected you would stick with this. Now you’re a highly admired running blogger, with featured publications and accolades. Two and in April will be 3 Boston Marathon finishes! Man, you’re a damn machine! 46 half marathons and 24 marathons! In three years, WHO DOES THAT!? You deserve it. You’ve met some of the best people on the planet. You’ve also met some of the worst. But one thing is for certain Linzie, you’ve always stayed true to the person you are.

Life is hard. And although you’re surrounded by people that absolutely love you, sometimes it’s just hard to be present and enjoy life. You’ve managed to not only overcome emotional strain, but empower others to be strong versions of themselves. Your family and friends are proud. And I’m proud of you as well.

I love that you’re excited about the next decade and you embrace it. You’re ready to stabilize that foundation you’ve laid for yourself. You’ve achieved so much in your life. Do me a favor, enjoy it more. You work way too hard and put way too much pressure on yourself. That likely won’t stop, who am I kidding? But make time for YOU. Do things for yourself. Go on more vacations. Practice self care more routinely. Love yourself the way you love others. Go on that trip next summer you’ve always wanted to go on. Stop pushing it off. You’re worthy.

You’re a born leader. You’re born to be supportive and loving to people. You are born and exist to help people. Your soul. It’s just so bright. And Linzie, your work isn’t done. You may have wanted to throw in the towel but I’m certainly glad you’re still here. Smile, grin, yell, and fight all you need to. Your journey. Your story isn’t finished being written. You have so much more work to do. You aren’t that scared, shy, meek little kid anymore. Here’s to another many years of inspiration, determination, adversity, growth, and love. You my love are worth it. You my love are enough. You. Are.

Love & Light,

Linzie, on the last night of our 20s.

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