The Charitable Side of Running

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Every runner has a story and a journey, and much like fingerprints no two are the same. That’s one thing that I find to be so awesome about the running community…every person is different. Although, we may share some common ground and we build relationships along the way, the runner journey is something very special. I started running so I could be a healthier me and try to avoid hereditary diabetes. I had no idea nearly 5 years later I would be a blogger, have the opportunity to run all over the world, and meet some of the greatest people ever along the way.

One thread that has always run through the tapestry that is my running story is my philanthropic endeavors. My grandma (who I love dearly) has always told me “You are blessed so you can be a blessing to someone else”. It is one of those things that just sticks with you. I have lost many friends and family members to various cancers, and it hurts to find out when friends of mine experience the same loss. Cancer sucks. This is why I have spend the past 4 years fundraising for cancer related charities. I have a platform (may not be a large one…but its my soapbox) and I want to help facilitate change in the world the best way I know how. Speaking of that…I am almost near my fundraising goal for the London Marathon! I am raising money for Cancer Research UK, and if you’d like to make a donation to help in the fight against cancer CLICK HERE!


This post is all about using your voice to make a difference. So many races have charity programs or offer a percentage of race registration fees to a specific sponsored charity and that is fantastic. Who doesn’t want to see their money going to places that could use it, right? But how do you take on these daunting tasks of raising funds and feel confident you’ll reach your goal? The answer I give people is really simple…authenticity. Have a story that you connect with personally. Take your followers, friends, and family on a journey and make them part of the trip. Host parties and events! EventBrite actually has some cool tools you can use to set those up. Get active on social media and create an awesome campaign. Make yourself stand out from the crowd. It certainly isn’t easy but the pay off at the end is so rewarding. Once I finish the London Marathon in just 25 days (thanks to all of your donations), I will have raised along with help from some amazing readers and supporters more than $20,000 for cancer charities just through running. That is so huge. I couldn’t be more excited and proud of that accomplishment. But what is more fulfilling is knowing that I helped facilitate change in someone’s life. Knowing that I may never meet these people, but I made their day that much better. Maybe the donations gave them the medications they needed, or provided aid to their family? Maybe I helped fund a treatment or a research trial? Whatever I helped to do, I helped to make a difference. You help to make a difference by making donations. I tell people running the marathon is the easy part…battling cancer is HARD. So, I lace my shoes up and go out there and run for the folks that can’t. It may not always be the fastest race I do, but it is always the race full of heart and good intention. Positive energy and love is what the world needs more of. I am here to do my part, and I encourage you to give it a try if you haven’t. You’l be surprised how rewarding it is.

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