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From the Desk of Sharpie – For Immediate Release

Hey Y’all. I didn’t know what else to title this blog post since it is going to have SO much inside of it…so you get a memo. I hope everyone is doing well. I know things have been kind of quiet around my blog lately. Sorry about that. But let me fill you in on why.

Where are the blog posts?

Simply put guys, I don’t like creating content just for the sake of doing so. It doesn’t come off authentic. It isn’t fun to write. It isn’t what this blog is about. I want to write and develop content that you guys will find useful and inspiring. And frankly, rambling on and on about a race I have done five times and not much has changed isn’t a good use of my time, or yours. So, you’ll continue to get great posts from me, when I have some great news to share or something you need to know about. But don’t be surprised if you see a reduction in race recaps. I will do them when I have a ton to say. But, I think it is time to create some other kind of content for you to enjoy. So evolve with me and enjoy the ride. You haven’t been disappointed yet, right?

2018 Sponsors/Ambassadorships?

I am so glad you asked. I have been invited back to the Skechers Performance team as a sponsored runner for 2018. I am crazy thankful to my team at Skechers for having me back to create more magic. I have also confirmed my spot on the Rock n Roll Marathon Series Rock N Blog Team for another year…keeping that legacy status in tact. I am waiting to hear back from a couple others that I am confident will resign but will hold out until the ink is dry. Until then, thank you Skechers Performance and Rock N Roll.


Any big races coming up?

Actually, I was successful in getting into the BMW Berlin Marathon! So, Germany here I come for my fifth star on my quest towards being a six star Abbott World Marathon Major runner! Neat. Bring on the beer!

Are you excited for Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend?

Yeah about that. So, I started a great new job over the summer. For those that do not know, my day job and profession is in IT as a senior project manager leading large scale enterprise implementations. Sounds scary, right? Try working for the State of California. Anyway, we had our first release of this specific system go live in late November with great success. Our next release is scheduled for January 2nd. My environment code freeze and migration activities will begin on the 15th of this month. Essentially, I will be working through the Christmas holiday to stand up our next release, working through New Years to ensure cut over is successful, and managing the post go-live support from January 2nd onward. So, no marathon weekend for me. I thought about just coming for the weekend, but logistically it isn’t doable…or smart…or cost-effective. Am I bummed out I’ll be missing the family reunion with all of you? YES. If I could change it, I would. If I can somehow by a miracle swing it, y’all will be the first ones to know. But for now, count me out to run another day. Seriously, don’t assault my phone over this…I’m already mad enough about it.

Ok that sucks, how about some good news!

Well, I decided to stay pretty local next year in terms of races. Do the races that matter the most to me and focus on attempting my first 100 mile race in October at Javelina Jundred. I have always wanted to do this race. The buckle has always stood out to me and I need a new challenge. Something to get me hungry again. So, here we go. I am nervous and anxious…but I know I can do it. It’ll be hard work, and I have a great pool of ultra friends to tap for help. So, let’s do this. #HerePiggyPiggy

That’s all for now guys. That’s a lot to dump, but now I feel better. I shall also have a beer. Cheers.

  • Hawaiian 🌺 Girl
    December 13, 2017

    OMG it all sound and exciting! Big congrats on getting into Berlin! I can’t wait to read your race recap on Berlin. I can’t wait to hear all about your first 100 mile race!! So exciting!!

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