Global Running Day 2016

Dear Running,

I guess this is sort of like a birthday for you. Since humans have been running since the beginning of civilization we really don’t know what day your actual birthday is. If we wanted to get historical, we could say your birthday started in 490 BC in Athens when the Pheidippides ran the approximately 25 miles to announce the defeat of the Persians. But hey, it’s a complicated relationship for sure, right? Today is a special day. It is Global Running Day 2016. This is the day when the world comes together, laces up, and runs as one. Now, we do this from time to time with other races and initiatives…but today is different. I don’t know if I have told you lately dearest Running, but you’re special to me.

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You are special to me, very special. And our relationship hasn’t always been the most positive. In fact, there have been times where I have disliked you a lot. To the point of almost loathing. But you know what always keep me coming back to you, Running? You are loyal. You tolerate my cursing, my yelling, frustration. You know that sometimes,  I just need some space. And you never get upset. You are always waiting for me. You hold my hand when I have a bad day. You comfort me when I get some not-so-good news. You celebrate with me when there is a victory. We create stories with other people and tell them until we just can’t tell them anymore. You are an amazing tour guide when we travel all over the world. You’ve introduced me to some of the coolest people on the planet…and some that are the opposite. BUT you have taught me how to deal with people which is so valuable.

You’ve taught me discipline. You’ve taught me to trust myself and have shown me I am capable of anything I want to do. You have opened doors for me through this blog and social media platform that I didn’t even know existed. You helped me establish a voice. My voice. You have given me so much. So I try to return the favor back to the running community. Gifts are intended to be shared, and you Running have given me so many gifts. So many lessons. I’ll never be able to repay you for helping to build my character. We evolve and change as humans and you have given me so many things to be thankful and grateful for.

Today, on this day the world will run. We will smile. We will recognize and remember why we started our journey in the first place. We will be thankful for the great days and grateful for the not-so-good days. We will be thankful for one another. We will love you more Running because you deserve it. Running isn’t just a verb. It is a lifestyle. It is a dream. It is a gift. And that gift is precious.

Thank you Running for putting up with me. Let’s run together.



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