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Hi friends. I hope you all had a great weekend. Last week was a pretty week for me over here at the Sharpie Headquarters. Two interviews, setting up some projects for later in the year, and personal meetings were taking place. I found a common theme throughout my week. Part of that was residual from my Disney World trip a few weeks ago.  If you missed me on Ginger Runner Live you can watch it here.

The theme that came out of the month of January was Stay In The Moment! As runners, by nature we are competitive not necessarily with others but with ourselves. We strive to be better than our last training run or our last race. We seek personal records. We crave the rush of success. It fuels us. And drive and accomplishments are incredible and we should all have some. Those goals vary by person (as they should) so every person’s journey is unique. We are like zebra stripes, no two runners are the same.


My primary goal this year is to stay focused on the moment in front of me. Often times, I show up to start lines and immediately get to thinking about a proposed finish time, a pace, a goal I literally just pulled out of the sky. When I ran Carlsbad a couple weeks ago I finally caught myself doing this. I am pretty sure spending the first part of race morning with Carlee had something to do with it…her good vibes rubbed off on me. I stopped and basically said “Just. Go. Run.”. Carlsbad is a beautiful course along the coastline go enjoy yourself. And that is what I did. I smiled and ran and enjoyed what was around me. I found that when I am focused on time and goals I end up staring down at my Garmin and not taking in the space around me. Imagine how much I have missed with all my traveling.



I have my goal races for the year identified. I know what they are and I know what I am training for. Goals are important never lose sight of that. But there is a balance I believe that should be found. Take some runs and just enjoy being there. Set your goals for your races and focus on those…but also focus on having a good time. We only get one life, so we should enjoy it to its full potential. Discover something new. Appreciate the world around you. Life moves fast. Don’t get left behind.

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