Do you ever stop and thank your body for all of the amazing things it does for you on a daily basis? All of the bones, muscles, ligaments and such that keep you moving. Your body takes you all over the world so you can explore and enjoy. Do you ever stop and offer thanks to your shoes? Shoes protect your feet and carry us through our everyday activities. Dress shoes, running shoes, lounging Cookie Monster slippers. Shoes matter. And we are so blessed to be able to have shoes. Gratitude is everything.

Where will your @ASICSAmerica #FuzeX shoes take you? Enter to win something epic. #fuzeXplore

Launching on February 1st is the newest shoe from my awesome friends at ASICS. I would like to introduce you to the ASICS fuzeX™! Cool name, right? The new fuzeX is build around YOU! It was built to be a versatile shoe with optimum cushioning for just about any distance. You can run long, short, anywhere in between. This shoe is lightweight (which is a plus for me), adaptive in terms of comfort and feel, and the construction is really contemporary. Ideally this shoe is made for an under-pronator and neutral runners. I have had the opportunity to test drive my pair and I have to tell you, the colors are great and the feel is really great. Certainly a shoe I can see adding to my shoe rotation. The shoe will retail for $110 which isn’t a bad price.

There’s A Contest!

One reason I love working with ASICS is because they are so generous and love sharing with their runners and fans. They truly believe that having a Sound Mind & Sound Body is of absolute importance to any runner or athlete that uses their products. The idea of the fuzeX is that this is a shoe that can take you ANYWHERE you want to go. So, ASICS wants yo give you a chance to win your own fresh new pair of ASICS fuzeX shoes…and maybe even a trip anywhere in the world you want to run! Oh yeah, ASICS isn’t joking around!

So here is how you enter:

Participate in the fuzeXplore photo contest by sharing where fuzeX™ will take you beginning February 1 at an ASICS retail location. Here’s how:

  1. Go to to find a participating retailer near you
  2. Try fuzeX™ shoes. Head to a retail location and try on a pair of fuzeX™ shoes.
  3. Share. Tell us where fuzeX™ shoes will take you:
    1. In the try-on area at the store, find the floor mat featuring the fuzeX™ shoes arrows.
    2. Place your foot wearing the ASICS fuzeX™ shoes onto the floor mat
    3. Upload your photo or “shoefie” to Instagram or Twitter and complete the caption “fuzeX™ shoes will take me____” paired with the #FuzeXplore hashtag.

That’s it! It’s that simple! But trust me, once you try these bad boys on…you’ll immediately start wondering where in the world you’ll want to run. It’s kind of like being Carmen SanDiego except you’re not an international criminal haha

Where do I want to run? Tokyo! How about you? Where in the world do YOU want to run?

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