TCS New York City Marathon Recap Day 2

With all the fun we had the day before in New York who only knew what the rest of the weekend would have in store for us. The good news was that we got to sleep in Saturday morning. We had nothing on our schedules. So I woke up and went down the street to a diner and had some yummy breakfast and coffee. I am an early riser so the sun was starting to come up. I enjoy morning time a lot. I had a great omelette, some toast, and at least 4 cups of coffee…because diner coffee is the best coffee. After that I just wandered around the nearby blocks. We weren’t far from 5th Avenue or Park Avenue so I just walked around enjoying the weather and the people.

Gelcys text me and asked me what I was doing. I told her I was roaming the streets looking suspicious. She laughed and asked if I wanted to get some coffee/tea before we had to jump on our shuttle to go to the first event. I drink coffee…she drinks tea. It works out. She knew there was a Dunkin close by. So I met her in the hotel lobby and we let Google maps get us lost. We didn’t care, we really just enjoyed catching up with one another. We even made our way into the Oakley store (which is one of my favorite places) and picked up some new things to commemorate our trip. Eventually, we found Dunkin which was located in the Subway at Rockefeller Center.  Her tea was delicious and my coffee was splendid. It was a pretty awesome hour.

After we got the fuel we required, we headed over to the Meat Packing District. This is where ASICS was having a special race weekend activation…the world’s LARGEST selfie stick (DUN DUN DUNNNN). Now, most of you know that I loathe and dispise selfie sticks. I have long arms so lucky me I don’t need them HA! But THIS was a cool thing. To get to the selfie stick we walked the New York Highline. It is so pretty! It’s an elevated park that is built on a historic fright rail. It’s quite inspiring and lovely. This is where we were able to meet up with a few other ASICS ambassadors like Megan, Grace, and Julie! We all snapped from frames, caught up and made our way down to the Selfie Stick. I was a little concerned about all the walking we were doing…some of us had a marathon the next day. But hey, YOLO right?

So, you’re probably wondering how the hell this thing works, right? Well the skilled folks that operate the activation told us and it’s pretty easy. You sign the waiver and hand your phone to the operator. They carefully set it to video mode, secure it (and it’s secure) to the device, you mash the big red button and the machine raises your phone 90 feet in the air filming the entire way. And as it goes you can do all kinds of crazy things. It is a really fun way to enjoy and experience the race weekend. So of course we spent a ton of time out there playing, fake running, cart wheeling, and just goofing off.

After all of this fun, Ethan still had to go and get his bib and things from the expo. I went with him. The ladies headed back to the hotel. Ethan picked up his bib, he indulged me and stood in line while I picked up a couple of things at the expo for myself and the girls. Then we had a fun adventure getting back to the hotel via Über. LOL. #CancelTheJob. Then we made it back to the hotel. Toni and I grabbed a sandwich at Toasty’s (which was SO GOOD) and I attempted to nap. After my failed attempt at a nap I made my way to Times Square and joined my friend Jen at the Fred’s Team charity dinner. Remember, together we raised more than $4,000 to help the fight against colon cancer so you guys ROCK! The food was great and I finally got a few minutes to talk to Jen. I say a few because I couldn’t stay as long as I would of liked.

I had to get back to my hotel, lay out my gear, double check, and go get KT Tape advice from Gelcys. After I hung out with Katie and Gelcys for a bit I retired back to my room and prepared for the big day ahead. I wasn’t nervous at all. I was going in and was ready for whatever was coming my way. I was more anxious to get started and sad that this journey would be coming to an end shortly. But hey…Staten Island awaited the text morning. It was time to get some rest.

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