Team ASICS Ambassador

This has been an incredible year of blessings and opportunities for me. Just a few weeks ago I was sharing with you that the amazing team at ASICS had selected me to be one of five bloggers for their New York City Marathon team! Honestly, that still doesn’t feel real. A few weeks ago ASICS approached me for another opportunity. Apparently, we are in love and not gonna break up anytime soon. It was love at first Nimbus…speaking of that have you seen the new shoes for NYC Marathon??! Anyway. ASICS sent me a love note that looked a lot like this actually.

Essentially on the inside of said valentine was an invitation to join an elite group of bloggers as part of ASICS Inaugural Year of their Blogger Ambassador Program. Frankly, I thought I was going to black out and collapse when I read this. First, an invitation to represent Team ASICS in NYC which in itself is such an honor and humbling…but now you wanna go steady, ASICS? With me? WOW! So ladies, gentleman, squirrels, and jack rabbits…it is my pleasure to officially announce that as of today I am an ASICS AMBASSADOR!

So what does it mean to be an ambassador? Well, we will be your go to bloggers for new products hitting the streets. We will have a chance to break them in and tell you what we love (or not) about them. You’ll see us guest blogging on the ASICS blog and participating in ASICS sponsored events and so much more. Curious about who the lucky #ASICSFifteen are? Here are my fellow ambassadors!

This is going to be an exciting year for me and I can tell it’s going to be full of positive things. Thank you or all of your love and support as the Sharp Endurance network continues to grow and become something I could of never ever imagined. Hard work, dedication, and forward positive thinking. That is the recipe. I may fall short some days…and some days I may just be a down right grumpy cat, but I always move with good intention and love. THAT my friends is the blueprint for success. Team ASICS Ambassador…nope still doesn’t feel rea

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