Tune In Tuesday – Drum and Bass Runner Vibes

Sharpie is launching #TuneInTuesday and introduces his first playlist all about drum and bass! Click To Tweet

So, if you know anything about me you know that music is VERY important to me. I have been singing my whole life, had my own radio show at one time, DJ’d on and off. Through it all, music has always been there. I have always wanted to share music with everyone. If you see me at a race in the corral or walking usually I will have my headphones in. Who knows what I am listening to. Often times I don’t know what is going to come on or what kind of mood I am feeling.

This brings me to a new segment here on my blog. I want to welcome you to #TuneInTuesday. I will be launching new playlists on Spotify at least once a month and they will focus around an activity/race, training, self-care, or pretty much whatever I am feeling. And I want to know what you think about them…or what you want to hear.

My process doesn’t include picking a genre and clicking “add” to every song I think looks good. I specifically hand pick every single song and place it in its order intentionally. I am building a flow and a sequence to take you on a symphonic journey. It is a very calculated activity that I put a lot of energy into. I truly hope you find yourself coming to any one of the playlists I curate as your go-tos for your training or races or self-care routine.

The first #TuneInTuesday playlist celebrates the genre of Electronic music and the community of Drum and Bass. I have always been a fan of electronic music but through my music exploration I discovered D&B. I find myself going to Drum and Bass for speed training or when I am really excited about a situation or circumstance. So dive into this playlist to keep you moving and energized as you push through that fast-paced day or training.  This playlist features artists such as Mind Vortex, Friction, and Metrik. You can get into the playlist below and click here to open Spotify to experience the magic. Be sure to follow my profile on Spotify so you are the FIRST to know when new playlists become available.  Enjoy the vibrations guys!



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